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Sales Rep

Become a SpeedTech Lights, Inc. ("STL") Sales Rep in just minutes! Earn 10% on all net sales through your own personal STL domain and leave all the work to us!

How it works

For only $12/month you can become a Sales Rep of STL products! Here's how to get started.

  1. Fill out the application online in its entirety, including credit card and PayPal information, for collections/payouts. Be sure to review and become familiar with all terms and conditions upon registration.
  2. Upon approval, you will be charged the first month's prorated fee for that month based off the $12/month maintenance fee plus the second month's $12 fee up front.
  3. A $12 monthly fee will automatically be charged to the credit card submitted during registration on the 1st of every month moving forward.
  4. You will be given your own personal STL domain using either your first and last name or your company's name. Example: www.SpeedTechLights.com/JohnDoe
  5. You will be given your account log in to track orders and billing statements through your personal STL domain.
  6. All sales purchased through your personal STL domain will be documented in your account and you will receive a monthly payout for 10% of your total sales price of the STL products ordered through your domain (sales tax and shipping are not part of the 10% redeemed by reps, only subtotal of products ordered).
  7. Payouts will be sent via PayPal at the beginning of each month to the PayPal account provided during registration. Each month's payout shall be based on the net sales acquired from the calendar month that concluded two (2) months prior to the payment date. For example, if you complete sales in January of a given year, you would receive payment for those sales in March. You must have a PayPal account to receive payouts. STL reserves the right to adjust payouts to account for offsets and other expenses due to STL or delay payout processing for any legitimate business reason.


  • Get a monthly payout of 10% of the total price of STL product sales submitted through your personal STL domain (sales tax, shipping, and other fulfillment expenses that may be charged to customers are not part of the 10% commissions by reps, only subtotal for STL products ordered).
  • You will receive your own personal log in to track orders and billing statements through your STL domain.
  • Your own personal STL domain that is 100% identical to the live STL website including products, pricing, sales, pictures, videos, bundles, customization tools, etc.
  • Your customers simply go to your STL domain and purchase through your domain as if they are purchasing directly through the main STL website. Nothing will be different for them!
  • Just spread the word and make sure your customers order through your STL domain! *Additional verification on your end may be required.
  • Low monthly maintenance fee of only $12/month.

*See Sales Rep Program Terms & Conditions For Details

* Indicates Required Field

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