Get rewarded for being a STL customer! Create an account to automatically accrue points to redeem for cash discounts on future purchases. Points will be accrued at a rate of 1 point for every dollar spent on STL purchases. Redeem points at a rate of $1 per 100 points collected.

You may redeem your rewards points during the final stages of the checkout process as long as you are logged in to your account which has your valid rewards points.


Earn 500 points for each referral that results in a purchase. You must have a SpeedTech Lights account to enroll. Once enrolled in the Referral Program, SpeedTech Lights will provide a Referral Code for account holders to refer friends and family to SpeedTech Lights. Once the Referral Code is used upon checkout, the referrer will receive 500 Reward Points applied to their account that can be used toward future purchases.
See Terms and Conditions for full Programs details