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LED Off Road Light Bars

Whether outfitting a work truck or creating a custom look for your personal off road vehicle, SpeedTech Lights carries the LED Off Road Light bars to satisfy your need. Browse our page below to find which of our Carbine products is right for you.

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Recreational Off Road Light Bars

These off road light bars are often used for trucks, jeeps, four-wheelers, and any other type of recreational vehicle that needs lighting. As you browse through the types of off road LED light bars offered, you will see that we offer different sizes and features that best meet your needs.

Do you find that you don’t have enough lighting in off-road situations? These off road lights are designed to help by lighting up the road so that you can see where you are driving and prevent putting you in dangerous dark situations. At the same time, these LED off road lights are helpful in case of an emergency situation. The ability to brighten a work area or any scene when necessary is always an important feature to have.

Choosing the Right Installation of Off Road LED Lights

Consider the shape or size of your truck when choosing the right off road LED lights for your vehicle. These off road lights can be mounted on the grille of the vehicle, the roof, or even the sides of the truck if needed.

As you are selecting the sizes that you need and the installation location, consider the way the lights will be used. The right installation can make a big difference to assist with convenience. We offer a variety of mounting brackets for you to choose from that will best fit your vehicle.

High Quality Off Road LED Light Bars

Are you ready to choose the best LED off road light bar for your truck, Jeep, or four-wheeler? At SpeedTech Lights, our goal is to provide high-quality products at an affordable price point. As you browse through our website, you will see that we offer a wide variety of LED work lights and off road lighting products for you to choose from.

As always, you can contact our team at SpeedTech Lights any time if you need more information about the lighting solutions that will be best for your vehicle. Talk with us about the size, optics, and other features that you may have questions about. We will help you figure out the best setup for your needs.

Combo Warning + Work Light Functionality

Are you looking for a combination of warning lights and work lights (spot/floodlight) functionality all in one unit? Our new line of Combo Warning Off-Road Light Bars and Work Lights offers just that! At SpeedTech Lights, we offer a variety of options including light bars in 13" and 20" sizes with a combination of warning modules on the end and spotlight modules in the middle, as well as a variety of LED pod lights with warning functionality built-in. All of our units are backed by our trusted 5-year warranty and are priced affordably for every consumer to be able to access these high-end combo warning lights and work lights.