Mounting Brackets & Consoles

Mounting brackets provide the necessary support to securely install emergency warning lights to your vehicle. Choose from our generic and vehicle specific mounting brackets below to make installation of SpeedTech Lights products quick and easy.


How Mounting Brackets & Consoles are Used

Mounting brackets are essential to mount lights, sirens, computers, consoles or anything else onto your car or truck. These tools are often needed at a moment’s notice, and the mounting brackets make it possible to have all of these items at your fingertips. Proper installation and layout of your lights allow you to have easy access to all of the tools that you need.

Consoles are the central control for everything that you need to manage within the vehicle. These consoles are helpful and necessary to provide a place to control the way the lights are flashing, the patterns of the flashes, the siren on the car, or any other technology that might be used simultaneously. Mounting brackets make it possible to have the right console installed nearby, so that you can control everything that you need from one central location.

Choosing the Right Lighting Hardware for Your Car

As you are selecting the hardware that is needed for your car, you will see that there are a few different styles of mounting brackets and consoles that are available to choose from. Mounting brackets can be permanently attached with screws, or they also come with suction cups that can be attached and moved as often as you would like.

Do you need help selecting the right mounting brackets for your vehicle? Contact us for more information about the many features and styles that are available.