Speed Turtle 2.0 Easy Flash Module Vehicle Headlight & Taillight Flasher SKU: STE-EFM2

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About The Speed Turtle 2.0 Easy Flash Module Vehicle Headlight & Taillight Flasher

The Speed Turtle Easy Flash Module 2.0 from SpeedTurtle Engineering is a compact and simple, yet effective way to flash the factory exterior lights of your vehicle. Certain model vehicles are supported as listed in the attributes selection upon adding to your cart. This easy flash headlight and taillight flasher can be easily installed in minutes with its plug and play flasher functionality.

The included software allows you to program which lights do or do not flash based on your vehicle and preference. The Speed Turtle Easy Flash Module installs directly into your supported vehicle's OBD-II port.

Some things to highlight... No cutting required. Easily install in minutes. Plug-N-Play features allows you to remove and install in other vehicles without repairing or replacing components. The unit has two switch inputs as well as the ability to utilize the existing vehicle button on most vehicles that can be configured to activate the module via either a long press or quick cycle. Toggle or voltage harness options.
If your vehicle is supported, the Speed Turtle Easy Flash Module 2.0 will flash the following lights offering 10 unique flash patterns.
  • Front Low Beams
  • Front High Beams
  • Front Turn Signals
  • Front Fog Lamps
  • Front LED Accents
  • Rear Turn Signals
  • Rear Stop Lamps
  • Third / Center Mounted Brake Lamp
  • Reverse Lamps
  • Rear LED Accents
  • Pickup Bed Lamp
Note: For Ford model vehicles please visit the Speed Turtle 3.0 page. 

Toggle Switch Harness: This harness provides a simple to use On/Off toggle switch with adhesive for mounting. There are two internal LED indicators. Green indicates the switch is off while orange indicates the switch is on. The toggle switch harness is only connected to input 1 on the module. This means it only provides one of the two possible switch inputs.

Voltage Input Harness: This harness provides two input wires each of which accepts a 5 - 17 volt input signal from a switch or light controller of your choosing. The white wire corresponds to input 1 while the green wire corresponds to input 2.

What's in the box?
  • Speed Turtle Easy Flash Module 2.0
  • Switch interface harness of your choosing
  • 6' micro USB cable
  • Zip ties

Mounting options