Raptor-X TIR Interior Split LED Visor Light Bar (Dual Memory) SKU: B-RTX8

  • SAE Certification No. 180349
  • RoHS Certification No. ENC171106GZ16
  • U.S. Patent No. D797360
(32) 3w MaxGen LEDs
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About The Raptor-X® TIR Interior Split LED Visor Light Bar (Dual Memory)

The Raptor-X® TIR Interior Split LED Visor Light packs a powerful brightness output for your front windshield visor light bar into a slim 15.5” frame. With universal or vehicle specific mounting brackets available for mounting, the Raptor-X® is designed to fit any vehicle, making it the perfect interior visor light bar for undercover police, volunteer fire, or personal vehicles used onsite for construction.

Although extremely compact, the Raptor-X® packs a heavy punch. Made up of 32 total 3-Watt MaxGen® LEDs and patented Eclipse® TIR optics, the Raptor-X® emits a piercing 96-Watt combined flash. With the intuitive cigarette plug control switch you can easily choose your favorite of the 26 unique flash patterns that come pre-programmed in the unit. Each unit also comes equipped with dual memory modes so you can program up to 2 different patterns for a quick switch back between memory 1 and memory 2.

The Raptor-X® TIR Interior LED Split Visor Light Bar was made with the customer in mind. It’s the perfect blend of low profile simplicity and power -- all at the unbeatable price you can only find at SpeedTech Lights. The product is also backed by our trusted BBB A+ rating and 5 year warranty. Shop with confidence and be ready to be blown away by this product.


  • NEW Dual Flash Pattern Memory Modes
  • Powered by 12V
  • Raptor Series: SAE J595 Certified
  • Patented LED Eclipse® Optic Technology - TIR Optics
  • 32 Total MaxGen® TIR 3-Watt LEDs
  • 26 available flash patterns
  • Optional
  • Dual Mode Cig plug with on/off/on switch & flash pattern toggle sold separately
  • Non-volatile dual memory recalls last flash pattern
  • Flashing functionality only
  • Sleek, durable casing
  • Lifespan of up to 100,000 hours
  • Includes universal brackets
  • Optional vehicle specific brackets available for purchase
  • Built in windshield reflector
  • Optional windshield visor extender available for purchase
  • 11' of cable from light bar to connector
  • 1.5' of cable from connector to cig-plug (sold separately)
  • 4.2 Amp draw

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What's included

  • Raptor-X TIR Visor Light Bar
  • 11' of Cable from Light Bar to Connector
  • Universal Headliner Brackets (unless different mounting option is selected in drop-down)
  • Dual Mode Cig-Plug with On/Off/On/Pattern Changer
  • 10' Extension Cable
  • Vehicle Specific Headliner Brackets
  • Windshield Visor Extender

Mounting options