MultiColor K-Force 36 Linear Full Size LED Light Bar (Dual Memory) SKU: F-LKFMC36

  • SAE Certification No. 201094
  • RoHS Certification No. ENC171106GZ19
  • U.S. Patent No. D835535, D835565, D797359
(184) 3w MaxGen LEDs
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    5 Year Warranty*

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    Eclipse Optic Technology

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About The MultiColor K-Force® 36 Linear Full Size LED Light Bar (Dual Memory)

The MultiColor K-Force® 36 Linear LED Full Size Light Bar from SpeedTech Lights packs 184 powerful 3-watt LEDs with Eclipse® MaxGen® linear optic magnification technology into its extremely durable polycarbonate/aluminum conbined housing. With 360-degree vehicle warning light output and magnified optics, this LED roof mount full size light bar is the perfect solution for any emergency vehicle lighting application.

When purchased with the optional STL Supreme Control® full light bar switch box, you’re in full control of all the features this powerful warning light has to offer. With one touch, you’re able to power the unit on or off, cycle through 40 different flash patterns, activate your independent take down / alley light control functions, traffic advisor, cruise control, and more. It makes connecting and using your light bar extremely simple. With the new dual memory modes, you can program up to 2 different patterns for a quick switch back and forth between memory 1 and memory 2 using the mode button(s).

The MultiColor functionality of this bar allows both left and right sides to flash different colors in the same module based on your order giving you true MultiColor flashing functionality. Not only that, but this dual-color mini light bar also gives you a variety of flash patterns in single color mode A or B so you can even switch between which color(s) you need to use at that time, giving you the best of both worlds. The possibilities are endless with an offering of red, blue, amber, clear, and green color combinations. You can also customize your light bar using our customization tools if you need a more custom set up.

SpeedTech Lights' full light bars come with a 5-year warranty and our highly rated customer service to assist as needed. This product has passed SAE testing and is built to withstand whatever harsh environments are thrown its way. Shop with confidence knowing you're getting an affordable and very high-quality product.

Optional Upgrade Descriptions:

TD/Alley Option:
---Standard TIR (Clear) = Clear in warning mode and when activated.
---MultiColor (Ordered Primary/Secondary Clear) = Warning mode in primary color(s) ordered and clear in secondary color. When TDs and alleys activated, secondary color will steady burn clear. (This upgrade will always flash clear in the secondary color and always activate clear as your TD/Alley.)

Traffic Advisor Option:
---Standard (Amber/Amber) = Amber in warning mode and directional.
---MultiColor (Ordered Primary/Secondary Colors) = Warning mode in colors ordered. When traffic advisor activated, directional sweeps will alternate between primary and secondary colors.

  • NEW Dual Flash Pattern Memory Modes
  • Powered by 12V
  • SAE J845 Certified
  • Patented LED EclipseOptic Technology - Linear Optics
  • 184 total 3-watt MaxGen LEDs
  • 40 total flash patterns:
  • 32 available flash patterns in MultiColor Flash Mode
  • 4 flash patterns in color A mode
  • 4 flash patterns in color B mode
  • Standard Clear TIR LED take-down/alleys lights (MultiColor upgrade available)
  • Standard Amber arrow stick (MultiColor upgrade available)
  • Arrow stick directions: right, left, center out
  • Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern
  • Lifespan of up to 100,000 hours
  • Optional Supreme Control Box sold separately
  • 12' of cable from light bar to connector
  • 12.5' of power cable from connector
  • 12.5' of auxiliary cable from connector
  • Multiple vehicle specific gutter bracket options sold separately
  • Max 15.1 Amp draw

*See Terms and Conditions

Night Mode w/ Optional Control Box (Sold Separately):
---Night Button Use = Toggle Night Mode on/off using Night Button while not hard-wiring the white cable.
---White Cable Use = Hardwire the free-standing white cable to your headlight +12VDC line to automate this feature. NOTE: This deactivates the usability of Night Button. Once hardwired, the Night button ceases to function. Make sure Night button is NOT activated before wiring white cable otherwise Night button will remain activated/illuminated.

What's included

  • MultiColor K-Force 36 Linear Full Size Light Bar
  • 12' of Cable from Light Bar to Connector
  • 12.5' of Power Cable from Connector
  • 12.5' of Auxiliary Cable from Connector
  • Adjustable Light Bar Feet Attached
  • Universal Gutter Brackets (unless different mounting option is selected in drop-down)
  • Supreme Control Box
  • 10' Extension Cable
  • Variety of Mounting Options

Mounting options