Super TakeDown GranDirect Control Switch Box (Dual Memory) SKU: C-GDCBSTD

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About The Super TakeDown® GranDirect Control Switch Box (Dual Memory)

The Super Take Down GranDirect Vehicle Control Switch Box from SpeedTech Lights is a hybrid light bar control box. It takes the STL Super TD Grand Control Box and the STL Direct Control Box and merges them into one controller. This control box has 2 connectors, one connector on each end for products that utilize the Super TD Grand or Direct Control.

This is the perfect switch box for any one purchasing a STL product that utilizes the STL Super Take Down Grand Control Box and a product that utilizes the STL Direct Control Switch Box because it allows you to hook everything up to one switch box controller rather than clutter up your console with multiple switch boxes. It gives you the full functions of both switch boxes so you can control your super take down visor light bar, or traffic advisor light bar using the multiple mode buttons for dual memory, change your flash patterns, your traffic advisor patterns, directional modes, the speed of the flash patterns, and of course power units on and off. It also includes an AUX button on the direct control side so you can even connect other LED warning lights to this controller.

At SpeedTech Lights, we are always looking for ways to enhance and optimize our products so we can give our customers the best user experience and best products for the best value. By purchasing this switch box, it not only makes installation much easier, but it also simplifies and cleans up your center console vehicle control system setup and saves you money since you now only need to get one switch box instead of two. Don't forget about the trusted STL 5 Year warranty to back it up so you can feel confident this controller was built to last.
Optional Add-On Descriptions:

L Rear Facing Adapter:
---Adapter = This allows you to plug in your connector from a rear-facing position using the L shaped connector adapter that plugs into your control box and faces backward.

  • NEW Dual Flash Pattern Memory Modes
  • NEW Night Mode (see details below)
  • Powered by 12V
  • Compatible with Super TakeDown STL products that use STL Grand Control and Direct Control Switch Boxes to combine into one control box application
  • Includes flash pattern changer
*See Terms and Conditions

Night Mode w/ Optional Control Box:
---Night Button Use = Toggle Night Mode on/off using Night Button while not hard-wiring the white cable.
---White Cable Use = Hardwire the free-standing white cable to your headlight +12VDC line to automate this feature. NOTE: This deactivates the usability of Night Button. Once hardwired, the Night button ceases to function. Make sure Night button is NOT activated before wiring white cable otherwise Night button will remain activated/illuminated.

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