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About The Universal Moto-4 Switch Police Motorcycle Control Box™

The Moto-4 Switch Police Motorcycle Control Box from SpeedTech Lights is our newest controller and is unique from other STL control boxes. This unit is weatherproof and is designed to be mounted to your police motorcycle for lighting, siren, and air horn control, all in a compact weatherproof and durable housing control box.

This unit features a power button to turn the unit on/off with backlit LED indicators for each switch. The A button can be used for hooking up warning lights or for a siren tone. The B button is a manual mode button that can be used to connect your air horn or siren tone. The C and D buttons can only be used for siren tones, not any warning lights.

This Police Motorcycle Control Box comes with our trusted SpeedTech Lights 5-year warranty. It's the perfect unit to pair with the STL Final Police Motorcycle Siren and Speaker all-in-one unit. Use it to power your police motorcycle warning lights and siren tones all through this compact and durable control box.
  • Powered by 12V
  • Buttons: POWER/A/B/C/D
  • 3 On/Off Switches (A/C/D), 1 Momentary Toggle Switch (B)
  • (A) - Can be used for warning lights/siren tone (individual power control)
  • (B) - Manual mode can be used for air horn or siren tone
  • (C) - Can be used for siren tone only
  • (D) - Can be used for siren tone only
  • Backlit LED buttons
  • Weatherproof control box
  • Handlebar and flat mount included
  • Compatible with STL Fury™ Motorcycle Police Siren
  • Includes 6" of cable

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