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LED Truck and Trailer Lights

SpeedTech Lights now offers top quality LED truck/trailer lights with high power LEDs at an affordable cost. This vast line of products includes LED marker lights, LED brake lights, LED reverse lights, LED clearance lights, license plate lights, tail lamps, turn signal lights, reflectors, and more. Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, these lights are suitable for a variety of applications such as trailers, tow trucks, semis, delivery trucks, buses, and much more. 

LED Marker Lights and Clearance Lights

Safety is the number one concern on the road and we are confident that with our affordable line of marker/clearance lights and reflectors, your truck or trailer will be noticed. We carry an extensive line of LED truck marker lights such as oval marker lights, round marker lights, and more. With flexible mounting options, these marker lights can be mounted almost anywhere, giving you the flexibility you need to ensure your vehicle is ready for the road.

LED Brake Lights & Reverse Lights

The newest addition to our vast collection of truck and trailer marker lights are our LED brake lights, tail lights and truck reverse lights. These marker light fixtures come with a variety of mounting options including surface mount capability for flexible installation to suit your vehicle’s needs, whether it be for tow truck lighting, bus marker lights, trailer lights, and more. Equipped with high power LEDs, our selection ranges in LED count so you can pick the best package to suit your needs.

LED Cab Lights and Truck Light Fixtures

Looking for a long-term application to solve your truck or trailer lighting needs? Look no further. SpeedTech Lights offers a variety of LED marker lighting fixtures suitable for various purposes. Whether you’re looking for LED bus marker lights, commercial truck lights or utility vehicle marker lights, we’ve got high-performance solutions for you.

Dome and License Plate LED Lights

Looking for brighter, more powerful, and longer lasting license plate lights for your vehicle? We’ve got you covered. Our selection of universal LED dome and license plate lights fit a variety of vehicles, trucks, trailers, and more. Shop our affordable LED license plate lights today and save big with STL.

What Marker Lights Are Best For My Vehicle?

LED truck marker lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and lighting technology. At SpeedTech Lights, we only offer high performance LED marker lights that are far advanced beyond other industry options such as halogen truck and trailer lights. LED technology draws less power and has a longer lifespan, making it the best option on the market.