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Dual Carbine® Colored Lens Cover(s)

SpeedTech Lights now offers colored lens covers for our Carbine Series Off Road LED Light Bars. These colored lenses are offered in red, blue, yellow, green, clear and black. A variety of colors to choose from and very easily interchangeable by simply snapping them on or off as seen in the video.

Each lens is the same width as a 6 piece LED module on your off road lights. So as you increase in size on your light bar, you also get more lenses to span the entire bar. Products that use single modules such as our 5" Carbines or our circle or square LED work lights only utilize a single cover.

With simple snap on and snap off capability, you can order a variety of different colors so you can change the color of your off road LED lights at any time within seconds. The clear lenses can also serve as a lens cover to protect your product from rocks or road debris while the black can serve as covers for your light bar as well. Same with all other colors available. The possibilities are endless. Get yours with your light bar at checkout today!

  • STL Dual Carbine Series Off Road Light Bar Colored Lens Cover(s)
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