MultiColor Z-6 Linear LED Surface Mount Warning Light Head SKU: G-LZMC6

  • SAE Certification No. 231621
  • RoHS Certification No. ENC171106GZ18
  • U.S. Patent No. D915920, D797327, D797362
3w MaxGen LEDs
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About The MultiColor Z-6® Linear LED Surface Mount Warning Light Head

The MultiColor Z-6® Linear LED Surface Mount Warning Light Head is the smallest member of the SpeedTech Lights Z® Series linear family. The unit houses 6 high-power 3w LEDs with linear optics to magnify the flash in its super compact and durable casing. An upgrade from our previous models, the new linear Z Series warning light heads have built in dual color flashing along with flash patterns for only color A or only color B.

Every unit comes in your choice of Red, Blue, Clear, Green, or Amber multicolor combinations and with a variety of unique flash patterns (see video). The Z-3®’s easy install design gives you the flexibility to mount it anywhere on your vehicle’s exterior surface or grille. The MultiColor functionality on these units allow for them to flash different colors in the same module based on your order giving you true MultiColor flashing functionality. Not only that, this surface mount LED warning light head also gives you a variety of flash patterns in single color mode A or B so you can even switch between which color you need to use at that time, giving you the best of both worlds.

Weatherproof, durable, and built for any condition, the MultiColor Z-6® Linear LED Surface Mount Warning Light Head is the perfect way to customize your vehicle or fleet. Available for purchase individually or in a pack of 4 or a pack of 10, these units comes with a 5 year warranty and are backed by SpeedTech Lights' 5 star customer service and BBB A+ rating so you can shop with confidence®.
  • Powered by 12V
  • STL Z Series: SAE J595 Certified
  • Patented LED Eclipse Optic Technology - Linear Optics
  • 6 total MaxGen® Linear 3-Watt LEDs
  • 24 total flash patterns:
  • 16 available flash patterns in MultiColor Flash Mode
  • 4 flash patterns in color 1 mode
  • 4 flash patterns in color 2 mode
  • 9 available flash patterns in Alternate Sync Mode:
  • 3 alternate sync patterns in multicolor mode
  • 3 alternate sync patterns in color 1 mode
  • 3 alternate sync patterns in color 2 mode
  • Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern
  • Lifespan of up to 100,000 hours
  • Includes 1 foot of cable
  • Weather-proof housing
  • 0.25 Amp draw

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What's included

  • (1) MultiColor Z-6 Linear LED Surface Mount Warning Light Head
  • 12" of Cable
  • Foam Protector
  • 10' Extension Cable
  • Variety of Optional Mounting Brackets

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