Brake Light (Secondary Red) Z-6 TIR LED Surface Mount Warning Light Head SKU: G-TZTBL6

  • SAE Certification No. 200544
  • RoHS Certification No. ENC171106GZ18
  • U.S. Patent No. D915920, D797327, D797366
3w MaxGen LEDs
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    Eclipse Optic Technology

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About The Brake Light (Secondary Red) Z-6® TIR LED Surface Mount Warning Light Head

The Brake Light (Secondary Red) Z-6® TIR LED Surface Mount Warning Light Head from SpeedTech Lights features a secondary red steady burn override color which makes this perfect for a warning and brake light override warning light. The secondary color can be used as a override so with this unit having a secondary color red, this is the perfect brake light override application. It is not only one of the most powerful LED surface mounts in its class, but it also uses our Eclipse TIR optics which are made larger in this newer model to enhance the brightness of this warning light head even more than it already was.

With 36 watts of combined power (3-watts per LED), the Brake Light (Secondary Red) Z-6® TIR LED Surface Mount Warning Light Head emits a concentrated beam of light from each LED enhancing your warning and steady burn red LED brightness perfect for improving long-distance visibility.

This surface mount warning light is compact yet extremely powerful and built to last over 100,000 hours. With 24 flash pattern options and a steady burn red override for brake light functionality and a 5-year warranty, the Z-6 TIR from SpeedTech Lights is the perfect warning light head for your vehicle or fleet. Use it as a surface mount or grille light or brake light. No matter what, it will blow you away.

NOTE: The 'Red (6 LEDs)' color option is our standard G-TZT6RR model with 6 LEDs as it already comes equipped with red LEDs for both warning and secondary red steady burn functionality. Therefore, it is discounted -$15 from this listing to reflect the pricing of the G-TZT6RR.
  • Powered by 12V
  • STL Z Series: SAE J595 Certified
  • Patented LED EclipseOptic Technology - TIR Optics
  • 12 MaxGenTIR 3-watt LEDs
  • Built in sync and alternate sync functionality
  • 24 available individual flash patterns
  • 3 alternate sync pattern speeds
  • Flashing functionality when in standard flash mode operating colors (ex. flashing red/blue)
  • BRAKE LIGHT (secondary RED) functionality switches to all red LEDs when Brake Light mode is activated for extreme illumination
  • Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern
  • Lifespan of up to 100,000 hours
  • Includes 1 foot of cable
  • Weather-proof housing
  • 0.47 Amp draw

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What's included

  • (1) Brake Light (Secondary Red) Z-6® TIR LED Surface Mount Warning Light Head
  • 12" of Cable
  • Foam Protector
  • 10' Extension Cable
  • Variety of Optional Mounting Brackets

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