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As a manufacturer and distributor of police LED lights, warning lights, emergency lightbars, and emergency vehicle lighting equipment, SpeedTech Lights is your solution for your lighting needs. We carry a variety of LED light bars, strobe lights, LED flashlights, off road/work light bars, sirens and speakers for police, construction, fire, and emergency vehicles.

All of our units, including police LED lights, warning lights, construction lights and LED grille lights, have been sold and distributed throughout the United States and the world. We pride ourselves on enhancing officer safety with our powerful LED light bars, deck and dash lightbars, strobe kits and LED grille units.

  • ★★★★★ Just got my K Force Linear 27" and my rear linear traffic advisor! Awesome light and extremely bright!! So affordable!

    Nathan Joseph

  • ★★★★★ Very nice customer service and great quality products. I couldn't be happier with my stl virtue 8 traffic advisor.

    Kirklin Loner

  • ★★★★★ Ordered the Aries II Linear for one of our roadside assistance service vehicles, amazing product for the price, received it and installed it today... it completely blows away the other big name products we have hands down. Great visibility that enhances the safety of my drivers, will be replacing all of our light bars and light products with STL products. All of our new vehicles will be outfitted with STL products before hitting the streets as well.

    Jeff Gilmer

  • ★★★★★ Good products and reasonable prices,simple install with great features. Great customer service always willing to help out on anything with easy contact! They always have deals and special offers which help out a lot.

    Ryan Lynch

  • ★★★★★ Top notch service. Item is perfect, shipping was reasonable great communications! Will buy from again! Highly recommended.

    Frank Faryna

  • ★★★★★ They sell quality lights that are super bright!!!!

    Michael Fuller

  • ★★★★★ Speed tech lights is my number one source for lighting and always will be.

    Brandon Holt

  • ★★★★★ A great place to get lights! I have the Ceptor-6 bar and an older Ceptor Grill lights in the back for rear protection. Both work amazingly and bright!

    Bradley Scanlon

  • ★★★★★ Awesome products! I am planning on making another order! We use the light bars for all of our Construction trucks!!! Every one should have these lights on their trucks!!!!

    Michael Ohanian

  • ★★★★★ Outstanding products and superior service. I can always count on getting what I order.

    Rob Meston

  • ★★★★★ I've bought several STL products over the past few years and they have exceeded my expectations... The staff is always willing to assist you whether its on the phone or in person... They go out their way to make sure you are a satisfied customer... I highly recommend STL to anybody needing emergency vehicle lighting... The products hold up to any type of weather especially in Texas heat and cold which can be every other day

    Andrew Baker

  • ★★★★★ STL has some of the best and brightest lights I have seen in a while.

    Aaron McMahen

  • ★★★★★ Awesome lights for the best price! I'm a storm chaser and buy all my emergency lights from STL. I've never been let down! I will be buying more soon!

    Jacob Honeycutt

  • ★★★★★ Highly recommended sales and service and a good selection of products.

    Richard Gimson

  • ★★★★★ Ordered the stl boss siren. Fast shipping and a real easy install. Instructions were step by step. And it's loud. Good company with some good deals.

    Brandon Cramer

  • ★★★★★ I have bought several STL grille and dash lights over the past few years. Recently had a small problem with one of my dash lights, I took the light in and had it checked out. Within a few mins I was told, what the problem was, what it was going to cost and how long the repair was going to take. Had my dash light back in a couple of hours, ready to be re-installed back into the truck. Reasonable prices on all of the products.

    Keith Burcalow

  • ★★★★★ Have used speed tech lights and sites for about 4 years in my POV also my departments brush truck is outfitted with a STL siren and they are great!

    Justin Slaton

  • ★★★★★ I purchased my first set of Mini Phantom Max Plus lights in January of 2015. I was so impressed with the brightness of the lights, the selection of patterns and the easy-to-use cigar plug that I purchased a second set of the same lights barley a month later. They are the brightest mini lights I have ever used and I will not hesitate to purchase other lights from STL in the near future! I am completely satisfied.

    Steve Riffenberg

  • ★★★★★ I think the quality of your products are very good quality. I bought windshield light assembly for going to emergency calls for the fire dept and it worked very well.

    Geoff Bornstein

  • ★★★★★ Great company to buy vehicle lighting from, super bright and affordable equipment!

    Caleb Strauss

  • ★★★★★ SpeedTech makes great warning lights. I've owned a couple pairs of them and they are very well built. I will continue to be a customer with them. I highly recommend these lights.

    Jordan Marzolf

  • ★★★★★ Excellent products, quick shipping. I especially appreciate the value and performance of the STL Z-4.

    Ryan Jaycocks

  • ★★★★★ I love you guys good customer service and good lights.

    Michael Simmons

  • ★★★★★ Fast Delivery easy set up Great Prices will def. be using STL for all my Fire Department needs.

    Hampton Owens

  • ★★★★★ Ive had my STL K-Force 47" linear LED lightbar for almost two years now. It outshines most if not all other competitor brands, it moves traffic, its extremely low maintenance (everything works just as well as the day I bought it), and honestly I couldnt ask for much better. Im extremely pleased with this product and this company.

    Justin Figgins

  • ★★★★★ Love this place grate equipment at a great price!

    Will James

  • ★★★★★ My lights work great! Were very wallet friendly as well!

    Corey Stallings

  • ★★★★★ Very great lightbars i use a code 3 lightbar at work and its not as bright as the stl k force that's on my car i have had many people complement on how bright the k force is compared to the code 3 id recommend stl products to anyone.

    Ben Atkins

  • ★★★★★ Awesome!!!! Installed my 47" k-force special edition light bar. Looks great. Can't beat the price.

    James Plummer

  • ★★★★★ Great quality products at affordable prices. Also had to call in to get some information and the customer sivice was great and very patient. Keep up the great work.

    Kris Moore

  • ★★★★★ Very great, quality products at very reasonable prices!

    Chris Killion

  • ★★★★★ Great products at a reasonable price with outstanding customer service!

    Brian Siniscalchi

  • ★★★★★ Great company... lights that are reasonable and great customer service... and only a hour from San antonio...j Ave multiple lights purchased on personal.and work vehicle..

    Russell Real

  • ★★★★★ Just got my TD-4. I love it!

    Jon Cassidy

  • I don't write reviews often, but wow. I recently purchased the STL Ace Series Grill / Surface lights, and I have to say, I was blown away. The light output was brilliant. Exceeded my third party dash unit. Outstanding visibility day, or night. I've had friends ask where I received my light, and I told them where to go. Oh, and the color choice I have is Amber. Will soon be purchasing more products, and hope to outfit my vehicle with STL products. A++!

    Donald Eugene Wedding

  • Honestly I am not the person to write reviews however I am extremely impressed with their products. I originally purchased 4 z-4 Linears (amber/clear) to put on the back and sides of my flatbed tow truck. They are exposed to the elements worse than anywhere else on the truck and have not had a single issue. These lights are brighter than the current Tomar, Code3 and Whelen lights that are surrounding it especially in the daytime. Those looking for grille lights I strongly suggest these. I was so impressed that I ordered 8 more to place on other vehicles (ordered tuesday and got them today). I also have an ace 8 traffic advisor that works great as well, I have a chevy tahoe I am greatly considering outfitting with SpeedTech Lights. Thinking about K-Force 47 in. along with z-4's and possibly hideaways. vehicle will be plowing snow. Video soon to come....


  • "Recieved my mini light bar today, installed extremely quickly. Powered it up, and was blown away by the light intensity with it being crazy sunny out. Great products!"


  • "Just purchased a K Force 47" lightbar. It was a very easy install and the bar is just fantastic ! A great light for great price. Way to go Speed Tech."


  • As a wireman who specializes in emergency storm relief, I needed an aggressive and effective visual display to warn motorists and pedestrians even in the most adverse of weather conditions. My Ford F-250, being smaller than a bucket or splicing truck, is often called out and contracted as a support or inspection vehicle to reach critical areas cut off during a natural disaster.

    I found solutions to my needs in Speedtech Lights. Your products are intense and cost effective - two qualities that I require for both my safety and that of the public. Currently, my truck is outfitted entirely with products from Speedtech Lights. The units have left such an impression on my contractor, that I was recently asked to order additional traffic advisors for several company vehicles.

    Should you create a list of most pleased customers, I would certainly be at the top. Thank you.


    Gadalya Edlin

  • Starting last October 13 a specialty package Dodge vehicle was re-outfitted with emergency lighting. The vehicle went from an in house lighting manufacturer to this wonderful company, SpeedTech Lights. Over the course of almost a year now, Two Z4 Linear light heads, one STL Final siren, One Direction Ace 8 lightbar, two sets of the Sleek Grille-4, and the Four Bulb Led Kit were ordered and installed on the vehicle. The vehicle is older than the police pursuit vehicles county was just gifted and the lights on county's vehicles compared to the lights from SpeedTech are nothing. The well balanced luminance from the high and low intensity are a perfect set to catch attention during broad daylight in the middle of DownTown Central. A grand total of $634.15 compared to the grand total of the $2,781.77 is useful and I also get more for less with SpeedTech Lights. Thank you guys!!

    Matthew Eskew

  • Alright I have purchased several STL products including the Ace series, Pro series, Slim series and Sleek series. Now I was already amazed at these lights that STL offers but today I had an idea and I moved around a few modules in the 36" K-Force TIR lightbar that I got today. It messed up the arrow patterns but I have a sleek 8 for a traffic advisor in the back window so I don't care . Anyways this was a VERY easy process and my lightbar now has the pattern I have always wanted. I just wanted to say how awesome it is that you can move modules around to create your own patterns. I am a STL customer for life!

    Patrick Greene

  • Awesome. Appreciate the customer service. I like you guys more than my own states emergency light company Whelen.


  • My name is zack I have bought the Quad Pro in Red/White and also I bought Sleek Grille-4 one Red and one Amber, I would like to say it was my first Purchase from Speed Tech Lights and I'm glad I did and will in the future. All my lights worked great from the start and mounting was very easy. I do recommend Speed Tech Lights for anybody that is looking for great priced Products that work Great!

    Zack Christianson

  • I own 2 vehicles and have purchased several products from STL. First i must commend there customer service, it is 100% second i must commend there quality, it is amazing and third i must commend their pricing, it is great. I feel i get a great product for the price. BTW i love the fact that they now offer the financing option it is great. Also for STL i look forward to seeing weekly discounts if possible and great sales. Keep up the good work guys.

    Eric Adams

  • I recently purchased the STL Flash Pro package and the 120 watt hideaway kit. I am very impressed with these lights. The controller box included runs my front and rear light units. They are so simple to wire in as well. I previously ran code 3 lights on my last response vehicle. These lights blow code 3 out of the water. I had to use twice as many code 3 lights to be seen. The products are of the highest quality and able to be visible at 1000 yards at night and over 500 yards in direct sunlight. The hideaways are bright enough to over power my high beams and tail lights day or night. Having to respond to incidents across the pacific north west on a regular basis these lights are perfect for long distance continuous use with low power consumption. Thank you for an superior product at under half the cost of others.


    David Keller

    Instructor/ Protection Agent

    Olympic Tactical and Investigations LLC

  • I purchased the eclipse about 2months ago and have used it once. Not only was I impressed with the light it made strobe lights from another well known manufacturer look really dim. I have since removed the strobes and plan on ordering more STL lights. Please take this as a recommendation that your lights are not only priced right. But out perform others that cost more and don't do the job as well. I will be getting more of your lights as soon as I sell the others. No one else in the business has the pricing and customer innovation you do. When I talk to your staff it shows that you care about our safety. The saying "We the people for the people " say's it well. So thank you from a northern VT AEMT.

  • Great light, great setup, great price.

    Travis Carey

  • I own 2 vehicles and have purchased several products from STL. First i must commend there customer service, it is 100% second i must commend there quality, it is amazing and third i must commend their pricing, it is great. I feel i get a great product for the price. BTW i love the fact that they now offer the financing option it is great. Also for STL i look forward to seeing weekly discounts if possible and great sales. Keep up the good work guys.

    Eric Adams

  • Wanted to put it out there as a heads up... I'm a volunteer firefighter, ems member, in school to become a paramedic.. I do landscaping on the side and have a stl signal pro 48 in in my back window... Recently on my landscaping jobs the light did a more than amazing job drawing attention. I was on the job site from sunrise to sundown and nobody missed the light, and they all slowed down, and moved over. This made me realize that when I am ready to outfit my truck (soon) in lights. I will be choosing stl for all of my emergency needs and will be strongly recommending you to co workers and Etc! Overall... Y'ALL ROCK.

    And to add to that.... The job was off of a main county route with a 55mph. I was happy all day with my light!

    -Chris Hollywood

  • Thanks for helping me out with my order you were extremely knowledgeable on your products and answered every question I had. I will be recommending you and your company to everyone that I work with fire department and construction sites. Sincerely,Ricardo

  • Again, as I did last night, Max, I want to express to you and "the powers to be" at STL that you served your job well throughout the process of helping me with this purchase. You were helpful, respectful, and committed to following or even guiding the process to a positive end.  And showing a great amount of poise by not being afraid to day "I dont know, but I will look into it for you" as opposed to "BS"-ing your way throught it.


    Captain B.G.

  • Hi, I would like to inform your about the excellent service i have received in all the dealings I've have with you!

    I own an equipment rental store in Delaware and we need many lights for trucks & equipment. In the past 6 months I have placed many orders with you guys and every time I did so, i always had a great experience with ordering. With your online services, it was very easy and quick to purchase my items. The order i placed this past week, I sealed with a very nice woman. I would like to let you know she is very great. I wish i had someone like that working for me. She is very good with dealing with customers and she helped me through everything that needed to be done.

    Keep up the great work! I will contact you soon with another order!

    -Matthew D. Smith

  • Im an EMT who responds POV to calls. I have bought many products from your company and have been very pleased with the reliability, product development standards, and longevity of the product. While these things make your company successful, I would like to seem more flash patterns for warning bars. I will continue to purchase from you but I would like to see more flash pattern diversity.

    William Laub

  • I would just like to say thank you for all the products that you provide, i have gotten somethings from your company, which i know for a fact that they are still in use in a truck that i sold and the guy still runs the lights and siren are still in working order going on 4 years now and they are always bright and spot on thank you for yourproducts and everything that yall do. Thank you.

    a satisfied fire fighter!

    Clinton Meyers

  • Amazing products!  I am from a small police department in tennessee and we have two of our units fully equipped with your products. my patrol car is a 2011 crown victoria and has just a few more lights then our other one. The surrounding agencies that use other expensive lights has constantly made comments on how bright my lights are, the majority of the officers have even said that my car is the brightest and best looking car in the entire county. I will make sure all our future cars get equipped with your products. keep up with the good work! 

    Albert Kidwell

  •           I just wanted to say that your emergency lighting equipment has really surpassed my expectations. I purchased the STL Dual Pro dash light and installed it on the front windshield next to my rear view mirror in my personal vehicle. I must say that this light is extremely bright and really does an excellent job of grabbing the attention of others. The flash patterns are also really nice. The LEDs are powerful enough to reflect off of traffic signs during full daylight hours, not to mention, these lights are unavoidable during the night. I did remove the anti-glare lens before installing the product, so I'm not sure if that is increasing the performance or not. For such a low price, I was expecting a lot less - but this product really fooled me. I am a proud owner of a well built, sturdy, and professional STL Emergency Light. I know where to turn for any and all future emergency lighting needs.

    Thank you again for a fantastic product,

    Nicholas Seelinger

  • To the attention of STL,

    I just wanted to say thanks to STL and all of its employees on making such an amazing product. Please keep up the awesome work and I look forward to supporting STL in the future.

    Cheers to everyone that is STL,

    Rob Schultz. 

  •           I am pleased to say that I LOVE my  STL Quad Pro Dash Light. I am a volunteer FireFighter for the community of Summersville (KY) and I purchased my STL back around the middle of February 2012, and switched it out with a different set that I had in my truck already. Since then, any time that I get called out on a run and I "light them up" I know that I am seen and the cars start to clear my path for me.Your product is an Absolute Superior product, and I am looking forward to purchasing a 24 or 27 Inch Mini Light Bar  from you. I would definitely tell others about your products and the satisfaction I have and the great service I get when I need a question answered. Thank You for Producing a superior product!

    Jim "Sarge" Johnson, FF1/Maint.Officer, SUMMERSVILLE FIRE/RESCUE  Summersville KY

  • I am pleased to say that I LOVE my  STL Quad Pro Dash Light I am a volunteer FireFighter for the community of Summersville (KY) and I purchased my STL back around the middle of February 2012, and switched it out with a different set that I had in my truck already. Since then, any time that I get called out on a run and I "light them up" I know that I am seen and the cars start to clear my path for me. Your product is an Absolute Superior product, and I am looking forward to purchasing a 24 or 27 Inch Mini Light Bar  from you. I would definitely tell others about your products and the satisfaction I have and the great service I get when I need a question answered.

    Thank You for Producing a superior product! Jim "Sarge" Johnson, FF1/Maint.Officer, SUMMERSVILLE FIRE/RESCUE  Summersville KY

  • I installed my recently ordered STL Sleek 8 (3rd order from STL) and I can't explain how it looks and how bright it is. Just yesterday we got hit with a bad storm and power lines and trees were down in the city. I used my vehicle to warn and block traffic. These lights are great! They provide superior light output and have nice eye-catching patters. I have told hundreds of people about you guys and will continue to do so. Well it is starting to storm again so I'm going to get ready to go out and use my lights again. Thanks STL for keeping me safe, the outstanding customer services, and the fair prices!



  • I just received my STL Grille Pro lights today ( 7-30-2012 ) They didn't take long to come ( thats a plus ).  I am very happy with these lights, They look great, They were very easy to install, Very bright, and lots of flash patterns. I installed them in the back window deck of my car ( for rear warning )  very little flashback and look great at night. Will tell other fellow firefighters and EMS members about your lights, i hope to buy more lights soon.  Thanks once again


                                                                                                                                                                           Aaron A. Massari

    Readsboro Fire Dept.

    Readsboro, Vermont

  • SpeedTech Lights has probably some of the best business attitudes all around that I have seen. They care about their customers, want them to come back, and want to make sure they get the best out there for a good price. The lights are some of the best I have seen and I would recomment them to any one. I'm a volunteer Paramedic and Firefighter as such I'm allowed to place emergency lighting on my vehicle, but at my expense. STL makes it affordable for me to get what I need so that no matter if I'm going to the station or come by personal vehicle to the scene that I feel safe and can be seen. Thank You STL!

    Mike Potts

  • I just recently purchased my second light from SpeedTech lights, and I am again blown away. The products that STL produce and distribute are superior to that of even the most pricey name brands. The affordability and warning power of their lights make place them far behind any other company out there! But not only are their products superb but also the service. The shipping is extremely fast, and any dealings I have had with customer service have been great! I have had some terrible run ins with other online companies so a company with a track record such as STL's is a breath of fresh air! Thanks for great products, and trying to save public servants some money!

    Nathan Decker

  • I am working on getting my roadside assistance business running and I recently ordered many new lights. However I am just now getting this review done. My most recent purchase consisted of 3 sets of the Grille Pro lights, a Slim 8 TA, a set of the Ace Grille lights, and the STL Five Switch Box. Before this order I got a red Grille Pro and a yellow Ace 8 TA. This lights are the very best! When I am on the scene of an accident or assisting a motorist I automatically feel much safer as soon as I hit the switches. These lights are bright! The Ace grille lights and Ace 8 TA do the job for sure. However the Grille Pro lights are even better and of course the Slim 8 is even better. I don't have any Linear lights (yet) but I can only imagine how bright those would be. I'm not very good with wiring or anything like that but I got the job done by myself in half a day (took longer to hide the wires than anything). When police officers ask about your lights and say they are brighter than their lights, you know they are good bright lights. Around here our departments use Code 3 and Whelen but I get compliments all the time and I tell them mine are SpeedTech Lights. I have turned my car completely off for over an hour and had all my lights on and my car still started - they use very little power, are very bright, and have a great selection of flash patters which is critical to get people's attention. Day or night I can be on a highway and cars move over 20+ seconds before they get to me. I have talked with people who wanted me to get them lights and install them so I maybe become a reseller in the future. Once again you guys are the best in the industry and I look forward to new products in the future. You guys live up to your slogan, Lighting the way! Thanks STL - I will be back!


    Extremely satisfied customer

  • I purchased a quad pro from you last year and I love it! It is super bright and moves traffic quick.

    I just have one suggestion about the suction cup mount. I am from south Louisiana and as you know it gets hot.

    The way that the suction cups are mounted on the bracket it makes the light hang from the cups. When it heats up in the heat of the day the plastic suction cups allow the mount to slide off.

    My suggestion Is to modify where the slots to insert the suction cups would be on the bottom of the metal bracket attached to the light bar. Allowing the weight of the light to hang on the suction cups, reducing the risk of the light bracket sliding down and off the suction cup.

    I would be more than happy to speak with your tech/design team.

    Tyler Arnold

  • Hello,A few months ago I ordered an STL Mega Siren.  I like the siren very much.  It has worked great.  I recently ordered 2 spare microphones to have on hand.  When they arrived I noticed they were the wrong ones and I called to find out how to send them back.  The people in the office were very nice and helpful in getting the correct items I ordered. My only complaint is that I was charged freight again to re-ship these new replacements to me when I have already paid the freight before.   Actually I have now paid for freight on these products 3 times now.  Once when I placed the original order, the second was when I had to pay the freight in shipping the incorrect parts back to you, and third when I got the correct parts after correcting the mistake.  So I had to pay freight 3 times on this simple order.The people in the office said there was nothing they could do about it.  The only reason I paid it was that I need the parts.  I couldn’t get away with that in my business 


  • I found you website very easy to navigate and place the order. Can't wait to get the new system and install it into our vehicle.


    Danny Rummukainen




  • I'm a texas storm spotter so its important that I be seen... The Stl mini Eclipce are bright and love the take downs. They come in handy for when your checking for damage. The Stl Hex Pro really moves traffic the way you need them. Thanks for your low prices and great products... Adrian.

  • I received my ace grille lights last week and just installed them. Installation was simple and I was even able to tie my dash lights into the aux switch on the included switch box. A few hours later I was the first on the scene of a car wreck and the lights did a great job stopping traffic coming from a pretty good distance away. Very bright esp at night. I am very happy with the product and will def be ordering again!

    Nick, LTFD

  • "I have to thank you all for such a great product . I have ordered several lights sirens light bars from you all for several people and I can say with all honesty . you all have the best product on the market . I have to reorder after a unit failed but it has lasted me for over 3 years now. and I Can"t com plane . all I got to say is thanks you for all you do and keep it up my friends are very happy with there units. Oh ya they make a great gift at Christmas I bought 3 units for my friends and boss and they rushed home to get them on and look great. - Max P.Firefighter, CRT-D, Cetronia Fire Department"

    Maxwell Paine

  • Hello,  I just wanted to express my thoughts and others reactions to my recently purchased Raptor Slim.  Your company was referred to me by our fire cheif who was very impressed with the quality and brightness of your lights.  I was looking for something bright, compact, and realtively inexpensive since I would be paying for them out of my own pocket.  After looking at numerous companies, the choice was obvious: STL.  After I received and installed them, it seemed like weeks had passed before we got a call.  Finally, one evening, we had a medical emergency call come in and your lights worked exactlt as advertised!  They cleared the way and allowed me to cut my response time significantly.  All of the people on our volunteer fire department have repeatedly commented on how bright that "little light bar" is.  Thank You Speed Tech Lights for a high quality and crazy bright product.

    Mike Rinnels

  • To All You Guys At STL,

    Thanks for such wonderful products, they are all amazing. I will be a life long customer no doubt, I am highly satisfied with every light I have purchased and will continue to come to you for all my lighting needs. Your Quad Pro, Grill Pro, Ace Grill, Slim 6-Flash do great in my 02 Dodge.

    Thanks again,

    Michael Sizemore

    Bullock Volunteer Fire Dept.

    North Carolina

  • I ordered a custom Slim 6 from you guys last week and was totally surprised that I got it yesterday. Less than a week from ordering it! You guys are awesome and the light looks great. I have been talking to my supervisor and finally convinced him to order lights for our work trucks and he is going with Speedtech lights after seeing the slim 6. I was wanting to know if you guys have any decals for sale for my work truck? I want everyone that visits the State Fair Park to see your logo. I hope to see more of your lights around here soon! Thanks again.

    AJ Deines

  • I had purchased this lighting system several weeks ago and I love it. Thank you and keep up the good work. I had downloaded a video of my tahoe with all your lights on your Facebook page


    Don Cunningham FF/EMT

  • Hey STL! I purchased a set of STL Linear Grille lights about 3 months ago and I love them! I work at a local radio station in South Georgia as a DJ and emergency broadcaster. Sometimes in emergencies, I have to go to a wild fire or roadblock in a hurry. I thought of a product that you guys might think is a good idea. What about battery powered wireless linears? Like 2-4 magnetized linear LED lights that you could place on the body of a vehicle in a hurry. Rubber coated, that runs on AAs or 9Vs? And a wireless control box. I would buy it! Thanks guys for your great products and low prices!

    Ryan Hanna

  • the new c-100 controller is awesome and easy to install, it works great with my halogen rotator lightbar. i went a step further by swapping the 55W lights with 4W LED and the 35W spots with 1W LED and installed 15 AMP relays to run the inboard and outboard dual rotators to reduce current draw on the controller. the c-100 is an excellent unit and works flawlessly inside 100 feet.

    Mr russell r riedel

  • I am a volunteer firefighter and I recently purchased the STL Direction Ace 6 to mount on the back window of my truck. I find the functionality of being able to use it as either an arrow stick or as a light bar is great. The light is very bright and noticeable, especially at night. The only this appointment with the light is then when driving, there is a lot of vibration and you here a lot of rattling coming from the light. If I dont have the radio on to drown out the noisy, it can be very annoying to listen to during the drive. I also found it to be a little bulky, but I should have paid more attention to the measurement of the light. I would recommend spending a little more and purchasing the STL Slim-6 or if you don't need the directional feature, then the STL Slim-6 Flasher.

  • Just received my new dash light.  STL-6 sku B-300. OUTSTANDING!!!! Great light!! VERY BRIGHT!! Was a great addition to the light I already have. Will get you noticed!!

    Great job!! The 6, 3 watt leds are perfect!

    Always skeptical when buying online. Hard to see how bright it "really" is. Very satisfied!!

    Jason Moore

    Bangor Community Fire Dept.

  • Outfitted our two new vehicles with the K-Force Linear bars. Best lightbars we've had over the last ten years, bar none!!! The plug and play control heads make installation a snap and with the extra control for axillary lights we were able to add our front/rear LED's with needing another switch. Would recommend to anyone in the market for a new lightbar, and as an extra bonus, you can't beat the price.


  • Bought 2 27" Linear lightbars for our department along with a set of and a set of sleek grille 6 for both and man what an awesome set up. We couldn't be happier. We will continue to get all our lights from STL. The products and service have been great.


  • Speed Tech Lights-

    I received my TD-6 that I ordered and it is superior to the take downs on a standard light bar! What a great product. I have been waiting for this product to surface and gratefully STL made it happen. Especially for those who must have low profile cars and still need that take down power or scene illumination, the TD-6 is a great tactical advantage to the public safety industry!

    Thank You,E.Hill

  • I love the different flash patterns of the gril lights i bought and i love how they work i have noticed that traffic moves for me while im responding to a call i thank you at STL for the good product i have bough! - Shane A. South Schenectady Fire Dept.

  • Thank you so much guys- You absolutely have the best customer service of any light dealer I've ever done business with! You saved my butt with this one! Thank you!!! I will continue to do business with you in the future!

  • I am a firefighter and Emergency medical Technician and i rely on my lights more than anything. i have the farthest drive out of anyone in the department and thanks to stl lights im always one of the first 5 members at the firehouse for a call. Ive owned the stl hex pro and that was an amazing light, so bright and had great patterns. currently in my vehicle i have stl g-6 grille lights, stl 120w strobe kit, stl ace grilles in the back window and 2 stl sleek 2's in the front visor . these lights are amazing for the price and i wouldnt buy any other brand. anytime someone mentions lights i go on and on about speedtech and i reccomend them to everyone and have helped sell many products to fellow firefighters. thanks stl for making such great products

  • I just wanted to say that I was a little skeptical when i ordered the airhorn/ PA and 100 watt speaker about the quality and volume. Now that I have it and it is installed in my vehicle, it is GREAT! Shipping is a little bit expensive and fedex is a little bit slow, but it was worth the wait. I definitely plan on doing further business with STL in the future. Thanks for a couple great products - Jeremy

  • I have received the light that I ordered. It is much nicer than I had hoped. I also really liked getting the phone call to confirm my order since I had the light shipped somewhere other than my residence. That is first class service in my opinion. Thank You. -William F.

  • To whom it may concern, I was working on a budget when I needed to get lights on my vehicle. I was doing a search of lights and emergency equipment on google and came across your website. I bought the STL ace grille lights and had them put on a 2005 ford five hundred. I have to tell you that I'm completely satisified with the lights. The are extremely bright and were well worth the money. I have enclosed a 7 second video that I posted on youtube for you to see how they look. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBESiH85Tww I will continue to buy from STL due the budgetary constraints I currently work with as long as I need equipment.

    Sincerely, Joseph

  • No problems at all with my products that i have purchased from y'all in the past. Quality is great and service and support is excellent. Just wanted to say Thanks.

  • STL, I love your led lights! I am using the STL dual pro "b-568" and the STL ace grille "g-520" and the STL grille pro "g-240" and the STL direction ace 8 "d-200" AND I LOVE THEM! The best lights I have ever had! FYI, I'm part of a patriot guard and your lights are used to escort fallen heroes from the airport to the funeral home and to the cemetery. Thank you for the best lights.

    - Todd Hoger "LT"

  • I recently purchased your Slim-8 LED light. It is the brightest light I have seen, it will clear traffic day or night like nothing else. I live in a small tourist town and have no problem at all getting through town in my POV to respond to ambulance calls even in the middle of the day!  Thanks for such a great product, I have already recommended it to many of my friends and colleagues. 

    - Lieutenant Theodore Petersen

  • I had heard about your company through a fellow officer and he couldn't say enough about how much he enjoyed the light he purchased. This year I was looking to purchase a back deck bar for my cruiser and wanted to greatly enhance the warning power over the strobe light bar I have.  I went back and forth between the sleek 8 and the slim 8 traffic advisor and wasn't sure how bright the LEDs would be over the Linear Technology. However, I finally settled on the Slim 8 in red/ blue and couldn't be happier!!!!! I am EXTREMELY impressed with how bright this LED light is. I continue to get compliments and asked every day“Who makes that light? If you want serious warning power and an excellent product at an affordable price you won't be disappointed. I will definitely shop with SpeedTech in the future.

  • I am a volunteer firefighter and assistant engineer in my company. I deal with wiring up lights and sirens and anything electronic. I was shopping around for lights for my pov and came across STL. I was hesitant but decided to buy a set of quad pros, and I'm glad I did. They work amazing and you can't beat the price! Now we are buying lights for our company van and we are using STL. GREAT PRODUCT!


  • I just purchased a Direction Ace 8 Traffic Advisor (yellow) and Grille Pro (red) for my back window. I was not sure how good they could be since many other sites and brands sell the same for 3X the price. I took a chance and I'm glad i did. Easy to install, great selection of flash patterns, and shipping was extremely fast! This lights are EXTREMELY bright - in direct sunlight I turned them on and walked 1/4 mile down the road and I could see them flashing like I was 10 feet from my car, and at night time they will almost blind you, forcing cars to move out of the way for you! I personally believe that these lights are as bright (if not brighter) than Whelen, Code 3, Signal Soundoff, and the other "top" brands. Great products from a great company at a great price! I also called in a few times asking questions about a few lights and the representatives were very helpful, which is also a huge plus. Overall, I'm extremely happy to say I got my lights from STL and I plan on getting more lights later from this great company. Thank you STL!

    -Patrick, Ohio

  • I recently purchased the directional ace 8 bar ant it has well superseded all of my expectations. I am a storm spotter for the national weather service and a firefighter in Indiana. One of the best features is the control box easy to understand with push buttons for your three directions instead of having to cycle through all three in a flash switch. The light is super bright and very noticeable all in all I am now a new and will be a returning customer to speed tech lights. If you are thinking about the direction ace 8 you couldn't ask for a better light bar. Sincerely, Johnathon Indiana FF NWSTS

  • Dear STL,

    I recently purchased 2 - STL Dual Pro's and 1 - STL Slim4 as well as the Vireo Siren and 100w speaker from you. I have to say that these are the best lights I have ever owned. I have been a vol. Firefighter for over 7 years and these lights surpass everything out there. Going to a call they actually clear traffic where as other lights don't. At night I can see my lights reflecting off of road signs at least 3 city blocks away, they are just superior lights and the price is right. Also, I just recently purchased a STL Slim-4 for my father as a christmas present, he is a member of the local emergency services and disaster unit and after seeing my lights he has been hinting that he would like to have a light like that someday. We someday has arrived! Thanks again for producing excellent quality lights at a very good price.

    Lt. Anthony Windhorst

    Joppa Vol. Fire Dept.

    Joppa, IL.

  • STL,

     Once again you have outdone yourselves. I just received my K-Force 27" Linear mini light bar in R/R... Wow.... I was a bit skeptical at first, though I must say it is a sight to see. I'm also running several pairs of your Grill Pro's, and it MOVES traffic... I am 100% satisfied with your products so far! I can't say thanks enough for keeping your prices low, and your quality up, especially from us Volunteer Depts.... The mini bar is equally effective in daylight, and at night! Thanks again, and as always, can't wait to see the new products yall are coming up with!


    Lake Dunlap Volunteer Fire Dept.

  • I'm a firefighter for a rural county fire-rescue agency.  Our roads can be very hazardous for firefighters responding to the station.  Our state has strict limitations on the number of lights we can operate on pov and does not allow sirens.  Since we cannot operate sirens being seen from a far distances night or day is an absolute must.  As I discovered when I started my hunt for a “Perfect Light" it was nearly impossible.  I needed a decently large light with good projection and multiple flash patterns at a reasonable price.  I browsed many of your competitors sites and was shocked by how much they wanted for so little.  I have seen and used various lighting options and nothing suited my needs.  I am a firm believer in Bigger is Better so when I stumbled across your site and found the Hex Pro, it blew my mind that you could offer such a package for such a reasonable price.  If I was to order a comparable packed from another site (that is if I could even find something comparable) it would cost double or even triple.  Your web-site is easy to navigate and the videos were very helpful in making my selection but do not do the lights justice.  My order was processed and shipped within a 24 hours and received a tracking number shortly thereafter.  My order arrived on time and was up and running in 10 minutes. The clarity and brightness of your products is amazing.  The direct control box works very effectively by putting the controls at my finger tips, instead of trying to fiddle with the light itself. You all have great products and I will recommend your services to other local fire-rescue and police agencies.  You not only make a superb product, but you're making it safer for us to respond and in all reality, protecting ours and the publics lives. 

     Thanks again! Samuel 

  • Earlier this year I bought a STL Dual Pro and an STL Half Signal all in amber for use as a county storm spotter team member. WOW, what can I say, i have had more remarks about being visible in severe weather then i can even count. I have several teammates that plan on purchasing also. I now have a new vehicle and plan on purchasing the STL G-4 Grill lights, STL Slim 6 for use as a traffic advisor, and the STL 4 Bulb LED hideaway kit. Thanks SpeedTech you have really saved me a lot of money compared to other companies products. Des Moines County SKYWARN, Iowa

  • A truly incredible light. I wish my entire car had these lights. I have a mixture of manufacturers in my vehicle and these lights are much brighter than some of the higher priced more popular brands!! Excellent product at an excellent price!!   Judicial Protection Officer

  • I am very impressed with your customer service and your products. I ordered a set of stl grille pro in red on tuesday evening. The box was on my doorstep friday when I came home for lunch. Your staff is always willing to help and answer any questions I have. My department is considering using your company for all our lights from now on.

    Jason Kellar Rockport Fire Dept. Rockport, AR.

  • I have outfitted my car with the STL Slim series lights. In front, I have an STL Slim 4 head, the STL Slim Grille lights, and topped it off with the STL 80 Watt strobe kit. In the Rear, I have two Slim 2's on each side of my deck, and also the 80 Watt strobes. Rarely do i come across any vehicles that refuse to get out of my way. I am very impressed with the overall quality of SpeedTech's lights, as well as their prices! When I first saw the prices, I was hesitant as to whether or not the lights were of good quality, but after trying them out, I have recommended them to everyone! Thanks Speedtech, keep up the good work!  Cooks Mills FD

  • Dear STL,

    I just wanted to say that I have received the lightbar I ordered it is installed on my vehicle and I am absolutely amazed with the awesome light output during the day (needless to say at night). Thank you again for yet another outstanding light that I have purchased from STL. Keep up the outstanding work.

    Firematicly yours,

    FF. Max Reiter

  • Hello,

         My name is Jason Lindsey and I am an authorized STL Dealer in the Kansas City, MO area.  I just wanted to take a second to thank STL Inc. and its employees for a successful 1st year of sales.  I want to take a second to let everyone know an experience I have had with a customer of mine which will assist anyone questioning the quality of STL products. 

         1 year ago I sold a customer a STL Visor Ace as he wanted to utilize the light as a storefront attractor.  He told me of his prior experience purchasing two lights from a competitor for the same purpose within just a couple of months of each other and described that the lights had both failed and he was out over $100.  I convinced him to purchase the aforementioned STL Visor Ace and advised him that if the light failed in the 1st year then STL would replace or repair the light at no additional cost.  I just want everyone to know that the year has come and gone and the STL Visor Ace is still running like a champ and has not been shut off in over 1 year thus it has ran for nearly 22,000 hours.  Just wanted to share my story for any persons concerned with the quality of STL products.

     Thanks, Jason Lindsey Midwest Emergency Lighting 301 E. 2nd Street Freeman, MO 64746 816-838-0915

  • Hello,

    I just wanted to say thank you! I thank you for several reasons. First of all when I received my STL Signal Pro light bar for my (p.o.v) P71 Crown Victoria Slick Top I received a light bar that exceeded all of my expectations. Starting with the quality of the workmanship of the light bar itself, to the quality of the cable that's used to connect my light bar to the switch box. What really impresses me is the ability to add another existing light bar to my STL Signal Pro and have full control over my other light bar via my STL Signal Pros switch box. This makes things so much easier as well as the fact that it frees up a little extra space on my console. Next, this light puts out an amazing amount of light. Being on the road down here in Florida where we have such bright sunlight, the STL Signal Pro out performs all of the other light bars that I have had the opportunity to use in the past. It's incredibly bright day as well as night. Lastly, the customer service outshines your competitors. Every question that I asked was answered quickly as well as accurately and not once did I get the feeling that I was disturbing anyone. So when it comes to emergency lights and light bars I highly suggest to everyone that's considering a purchase to really take their time and  check out the product line that STL has to offer. You cannot go wrong with STL.

    Thank you and it has been a pleasure doing business with you.

    Sincerely, Alex Inglis

  • Words cannot express how impressed I am with not only the products, but the company as a whole. I received a phone call from customer service to verify my order just because I had different billing and shipping addresses. That is dedication! Ive never dealt with a company that is more interested in protecting their customers from possible credit card fraud. On top of that, the lights on my truck part traffic like the Red Sea, and I didnt have to drain my bank accounts to get such high quality products. Keep up the good work SpeedTech!

    Alden Newcomb, Fredericksburg Rescue Squad Jr. Advisor, EMT Preceptor, Blacksburg Rescue Squad 5522

  • I ran across your company by accident, so I thought what the heck, I'll give them a try. To my most pleasant surprise, the shipping was fast and the quality of the LEDs were almost too good to be true! I tried one set and I just ordered two more sets today! Keep up the good work, I will be buying more!
    Sheriff Bill Watson Portsmouth Sheriffs Office Portsmouth, Virginia

  • Your service and support is a standard that a few others in the industry are still trying to achieve!


     Thank you!


  • I have purchased several products from you including light bars, grille lights, and dash mount kits for my Pilot Cars in Ontario Canada.  I absolutely love these products. They are extremely durable, and easy to install. I am ordering the new 47" Light Bar with T/D and Alley Lights tomorrow along with the 6 bulb strobe kit, I can't wait to get them.

    Your products have definitely made our jobs much safer on our northern highways in Canada! I have referred your company to several other pilot car companies, and have actually seen some of your products along my travels on other vehicles.  Pleasure doing business with you guys and I will definitely be keeping my eye on your website for new products!

    Dan - OTR Safety Pilot Car

    Ontario Canada

  • Thank you. I will recommend you to others. As a matter of fact one of the other fire fighters in our department bought a light from you guys and recommended me to you so I do see a pattern starting!
    - again thank you, Toby

  • This has to be the best emergency lighting anywhere. Every light I have purchased has went way beyond my expectations.
    - Adam Blankenship

  • I have been looking for a light bar for a while. I came across SpeedTech Lights, I hesitated due to the fancy I had never heard of them. I took a chance due to my budget and ordered STL k-force 47 and a STL quad pro. I live in El Paso TX. I have never seen a brighter led bar than SpeedTech Lights!! Wow, I installed everything in one hour; just two wires to connect. They are built very strong, and they put out a lot of light. Its sick! Feel free to call me, but I'll tell you myself. Don't spend with other names!

  • I bought a set of grill lights for my Tahoe. They are a great product. I will be buying more lights from you guys soon, along with other people on my dept. Thanks for a great product with a great price.

  • I work security, and I just bought some LED lights from you and was really amazed by your lights. I have some strobes, but next to your LED's there is no comparison. They work really good, and you can see them from far with no problem. They get people's attention fast and quick when you really need it the most. I would recommend all people who need light to buy some from SpeedTech, and I know all be buying more. Thanks for a great product!
    -George Gonzalez

  • Best lights I have purchased so far from everywhere else.  Fast shipping, great prices, and great satisfaction.  I recommended my whole fire deptartment to use this website the next time they need to order lights.  
    -Thanks guys, Savino Balducci

  •  I bought the STL Grille Pro and put them in my back window of my truck. I have had Whelen, Code3, and many more over rated, overly priced lights in the past and these are just as well made and just as bright. I am going to sell my Whelen LED lights just so I can buy more SpeedTech Lights.  
    -Thanks, Jason  

  • I have shopped everywhere for emergency lights and was amazed when I found such great products for such LOW PRICES!!! I have told everyone I know about speedtechlights.com.
    -Matthew Gaines

  • I bought my light through you and wanted to say that you all have a great staff, and I enjoy my lights being the fact that I am military and my wife and I work for a volunteer service called Emergency REACT team. We are first responders and work for the local fire, EMS, and police depts. I have to purchase all my light and stuff myself, and you have great prices so I will continue to buy my light from you all. Keep up the great work!
    -Thanks, Steve

  • You guys have got the greatest lights and your shipping is great!
    -Thomas Keplinger

  • Installation is always a snap, and the LED's are BRIGHT! They move traffic during day better than any strobe ever could, and draw so much less power! I can keep my lights on all day with my car off and not have to worry about coming back to a dead battery.

    5 out of 5! Absolutely unbeatable company, excellent customer service and a quality product!

    100% Recommend SpeedTech Lights!

    -Preston, Azbaja.com
    Patriot Guard Vehicle Operator (Arizona Chapter)

  • I got two of the STL Dual Pros in all blue, put them in my car; compared them to the Whelen LED Avengers who were in my sergeants unmarked, and the STL Dual Pros were brighter! Very good product, and I plan on doing business again.
    -Tom J.

  • I am a police officer in Central Texas and I recently bought some LED'S from your company. I MUST say that I am VERY impressed with them. I bought mine after showing your website to one of our local firefighters who purchased some as well. We both a very pleased with them. As a matter of fact several other members in  our fire department will be purchasing lights from your company as well. All the officers I work with were shocked to find out how little I had paid for my lights. I have seen other brands at a much higher cost and even know a couple of people that have those other brands. The shocker is that your lights are much brighter than most of the NAME brand lights I have seen. I will be purchasing more equipment to outfit my vehicle. GREAT PRODUCTS AND SERVICE!
    - Heith Kemper

  • The STL Quad Bar is fantastic! I couldn't have asked for a better light. You have some of the most amazing products and fastest shipping of any emergency light company on the web. Thanks for the coolest dash light ever.
    -Andy W.

  • Congratulations on an almost perfect website. Your site is easy to navigate and it has many wonderful products. I like the fact that there is not an almost overwhelming amount of products but just enough for any application you could want. The videos for each of the lights are also a great help. Thanks again for a great experience.
    -California State Parks (Joshua)

  • A company like STL that operates with the skill, organization, and speed is sure to be in business for the ages. Thanks so much for the great light bar.
    -Bonnie Kain

  • Thank you for handling my exchange so easily and quickly. I am very much impressed with the staff at SpeedTech lights and the light bars we have purchased with you.
    -Mike Anderson

  • We just purchased the STL K-Force 55" light bar for one of our heavy wreckers and we are very very happy with it. The sales rep I spoke with was very willing to help with everything from changing some of the light colors to getting us the payment option we needed to getting the light bar shipped overnight to us because we needed it quick as the bar we had stopped working. The light bar was also very easy to install even with the type of truck we put it on. The light bar is very bright and the patterns are awesome. We will use SpeedTech Lights again in the future I am sure of that.
    -Joe's Towing Inc. Chesterton, IN

  • These are some great lights, I just got my LED dash light today. It's so much better than my code 3 optix lights I used to use. I already own the 80 watt hideaway kit. -Michael Bonds

  • I am very impressed with your lights, and I am sharing your website with many of my associates in the Federal Government.

  • I would like to thank the SpeedTech Lights team for the amazing affordable product that I previously purchased. When it comes to lights & sirens, you’ll be the first I turn to. The lights I purchased look great on my vehicle!
    -Bryan Homan

  • I bought a bar light, grill lights and dash lights and I am very happy with the lights and how bright they are. I am also happy with the staff and the help with my questions. I just ordered more lights for gifts for my friends. Thanks for the great lights.
    -LT. Jeremy Nash Clintondale Fire Department NY

  • I bought the Quad Pro about a week ago, and I received it in 3 working days. This light is the best light I have ever purchased and will probably buy another one for my rear flipper glass. Everyone in my department was surprised by the brightness and quality of these lights and the phenomenal pricing. Several members are talking about buying lights from you. Keep up the great work and putting out these awesome products. Thanks.
    -Eric Donaghy Riverside Fire Department Riverside, NJ

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful product! I am a storm chaser/NWS storm spotter and these will definitely get me noticed and keep me safe while chasing. Customer service was exceptional and helped me with every part of the order. Installation was simple and the product is bright, sturdy, and durable as promised.
    -Thank you again, John W. - St. Louis, MO

  • Hey just wanted to say I received my lights a total of 9 sets of your leds. These lights are very bright!! Great product all you guys need is a little more advertisement and you guys can compete with Whelen and the big company's cause you sure do have a great set of lights at a great price. I have bought from other companies and by far these are the best quality for a great price!!!!!
    -Thanks, Michael Cox -- ProCom Services

  • Don't normally expect this kind of service now a days, but SpeedTech Lights really surprised me. I ordered lights from you and then changed my mind about what I wanted. Most "customer service" places don't really provide customer service, just excuses, but your staff(Brooke) was very helpful, I could hear her smile on the phone, . Delivery was fast, I got my "changed order" in three days, even though I ordered the old fashion way and sent a money order. I'll be ordering from ya'll again.
    -Officer C. Munoz, San Antonio Park Police

  • Speed Tech is a God-send. I currently switched from buying from Galls to Speed Tech. I've searched high and low for a site like this. I am very happy with the prices, service, and products. The products are quality products. I don't even browse at other websites, I go directly to Speed Tech to shop. I am a police officer and am spreading the word to my co-workers.
    -E. Carrasquillo

  • Hi my name is Gregg Schkade. I am a firefighter for the Hartland Area Fire Department, Michigan. I have to say that the quality and price of your product is outstanding! I just recently made my third purchase with you and will most likely be making another one here soon! I have recommended your company to my department and all my brothers and sisters in our line of work. Two thumbs up! Thanks again.


  • WOW what can I say about SpeedTech, I order my lights from them, there was a mis-order that had happened, I contacted them about it, and their customer servicer fixed the problem without any questions asked. The lights are extremely bright and built like a brick out-house. Solid frames hold some of the brightest lights I have ever scene. I lit up one day around 8:30 am, when I hit the dashlight switch a car a 1/2 mile down the road pulled over to the shoulder and waited for me to pass. You ask me, that is LED POWER BABY.
    Thanks SpeedTech, I look forward to our future business deals.
    -John, Firefighter- Missouri

  • I just purchased a Quad Pro Mini LED light bar. It is by far the brightest, most affordable light on the market! I replaced a Whelen Dash King with this light and I'm amazed how well it moves traffic. Even oncoming drivers pull over which never happened before. Solid construction, and great mounting cups. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a great light!!!
    -Larry B. Westmere Fire Dept, Guilderland, NY

  • I got the quad pro and dual pro I ordered from you today only three or four days after I placed my order. Very satisfied is the way I would describe the shipping and the whole order process in general. I haven't had a chance to mount the lights yet but I did hook them up and try them out and I couldn't have asked for anything more. I look forward to buying more of your products in the future and will be sure to tell all my friends and co-workers about your products and service.
    - Jonathan Smith, Lumberton NC

  • My name is Brian Eisele. I am an emergency equipment installer located in St. Louis Missouri. I deal with emergency products day in and day out. I was told about your web site and I made a large purchase of your equipment to outfit my demo vehicle. I must have to say dealing with all of the big brand names I was quite impressed with your product. My demo vehicle as now been referred as "it lights up like a Christmas tree". Not only was the product very impressive the customer service is second to none. As a local installer I will recommend your product to be used on any emergency vehicle I work on. I will be in touch to find out information to be a local distributor.
    -Thanks, Brian Eisele, The Lighting Guy

  • We found your site on Google. We tried your product and it exceeded our expectations. The LED's are phenomenal.  -Chief Bill Flynn, Florence Rescue Squad

  • I just received your STL K-Force 27" light bar that I ordered. This light bar is AWESOME. It is one of the brightest lights I've seen. I will definitely be buying more lights from your site. Others from my department will be ordering also after seeing the bar that I got!
    -Jim, Commerce Michigan

  • I just purchased the STL Quad Pro. This light is bright!! Can definitely be seen day or night. I would absolutely recommend this light for anyone looking for serious warning power. I received my order in 5 days and great customer service. Thanks for everything!
    -Adam, Firefighter

  • Once again SpeedTech has delivered excellent product at an excellent price. I ordered the LED grille deck lights which I received in lightning speed and have since installed them. The funny part is they are brighter and have more flash patterns than my friends Whelen led. Thank you SpeedTech, for giving us great products at an affordable price.
    -D.M., NY firefighter

  • I just purchased a set of LED grille lights and an 80 watt strobe kit. I don't know what to say except AMAZING. I have a full size LED light bar and plan on selling it because the grille lights and strobes are all I need. I had all the lights installed in about two hours. Easy installation, very bright, and they move traffic. No need for a siren, or a full size light. After I installed mine I had three friends place orders for the same lights. Keep up the good work.
    - John, Clinton-Warren Joint Fire District

  • I ordered lights from Speed Tech to help my company grow. With their help I have become a success in my company and have even sent my friends and co-workers to buy from this team of great people who work for SpeedTech!

  • I bought the K-Force LED Mini Light, and showed some of the firemen the light. They were very impressed with the intensity of the light for its size. Since then I know at least five of the LED deck and dash lights have been ordered, and I've given your Web site to and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another.
    - H.L. Griewisch Jr.
    Silver Creek Fire Department

  • I ordered a K-Force 27" light bar about 6 months ago. It was the best light bar I have ever purchased. It is brighter than Code 3, Federal Signal or Whelen. Everyone is AMAZED by how nice it is and at such a great price.  I have now ordered a K-Force 47" and sold my other one to a member of my department. I have bought lights from many different places and no one comes close to the quality and service I have received from SpeedTech Lights. Keep up the good work!!!  I WILL be buying from you again..
    -Capt. Jim Michael, Flushing, MI

  • I purchased quite a few items from you guys, and I must say, these are some of the best lights I've ever seen.  The price of your lights amazed me, and although I was a little worried about the quality of the lights before I ordered (being as they were so cheap), I have to say that these lights look and work better than Galls or Whelen.  Some of the best bang-for-you-buck lights out there.  I have no doubts I will be ordering from you guys in the future.
    -Cody Richardson, Volunteer Firefighter/EMT-B

  • I just received my new k-force 47 light bar today.  I had it customized when I ordered it last week Friday.  Skeptical of how good it would work since the price is unbeatable I took it out of the box as soon as it arrived.  I gotta tell you, it is way better than ever expected! I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am with your product. It is exactly how I wanted it and the shipping was fast.  I am on a volunteer fire department and rescue squad and this thing will move traffic!  A friend of mine just bought a Whelen 55" LED light bar a few weeks ago and I cant wait to show him how much better your product is for a fraction of the cost!!  You have my business for life and I will promote your product to everyone I know.  Thank you very much!
    - Joe Hunter
    Troy Center Fire Department, East Troy, WI
    East Troy Rescue Squad, East Troy, WI

  • I recently purchased a STL Quad Pro dash light from SpeedTech Lights on the advice of a friend who owns one.  The first thing I did when it arrived (and it arrived within 2 days) was to put it to a side-by-side test with a popular "W" dual LED dash light.  I was amazed at how much brighter the STL LEDs appear to be.  Granted its a quad vs. a dual, but even still, its quite obvious that the STL LEDs are brighter and more visible to the front of the vehicle during the day or at night.  Im also very pleased with the light weight of the unit, and the suction cups hold perfectly even in rugged off-road driving.  In fact, this unit is so compact and light that it would be a piece of cake to permanently mount.  This is by far the best light Ive ever owned!  In the week that its been installed, Ive had several public safety people ask about the light and want to know where to get one.  This is a truly impressive product at a great price.  Ill be coming back for more!
    - Sean McNeill
    Motorsports EMS/Fire/Rescue

  • Thanks for the prompt delivery of your light bar.  It gives my vehicle a clear safety margin on the streets while I am working late at night on my security patrols!
    - David D. - Lakewood Security

  • I recently bought 2 of the STL single grille lights in red and LOVE THEM!  I have showed them to several people in my department and one placed an order before mine even came in and others are planning on placing orders soon.  When they ask about the company, I simply say 'Big warning, small price, what else you need to know?'  Thanks!
    Ryan Long

  • I was recently in the process of wiring all of my lights into a STL Pent switchbox, I ran into some problems so I called SpeedTech for help.  I was connected to a tech who explained my problem quickly and in words that I could understand.  It's always nice to talk to a real person and not wait on a computer to connect you to someone.  Thanks for the excellent support SpeedTech; I know I will continue to purchase my vehicle warning lights from you guys.

    -Chad Crump

  •    After my first order from you, I could not possibly speak any more highly of your company.  When my order ran into a snag that was not even technically your fault, you went above and beyond and bent over backwards to accommodate me.  Instead of a minor refund or a small incentive, you voluntarily upgraded me by lengths and bounds in this situation.  It is how a company deals with problems that truly characterize it as an operation.  I can absolutely tell anyone considering SpeedTech Lights that you are second to none.  Thank you very much for your superior customer care and product.
        Second, the lights are amazing.  I have 2 sets of the Quad Pro and I am recommending these lights to anyone.  They are VERY bright (I know varying LED brightness) and are excellently designed.  The flash patterns are great, and I hate how lighting companies get away with their outlandish prices.  You have filled a vital niche in having VERY reasonable pricing while offering a superior product. I am spreading the word on SpeedTech Lights.  Thank you very much again for your outstanding service and even better product.  I will be back.
    -Nathaniel Walker

  • The STL Quad Pro and the Single Grille Lights work wonderfully!!!!They are extremely bright and clear traffic extremely well. You guys have an awesome stock of products and I look forward to ordering more soon.
    - Dustin Kellam

  •  I love this light (STL Dual Pro).  It's bright and gets people's attention, and for one of the lowest prices I've seen. I will definitely be buying more lights from SpeedTech.
    -C. Doucette,
    Galveston Police Department

  • STL Z-4; Awesome light!!! Highly recommend!!!
    - Chris Framsted 

  • This was my first purchase from you and it will not be my last! Placed my order Monday and it was on my door step the next day. Looks good and very bright!
    - Sam

  • It is an extreme pleasure to deal with a company as professional and as customer oriented as yours is. I will gladly recommend your company to all who are in need. My client is very happy and that makes me happy. Keep up the good work! Every business out there should take a lesson from you!!!
    - Walter Andres

  • It was so bright that when I turned it on it made my Whelen slim miser look like a lighter in the dark! Thank you SpeedTech for providing great service and great lights at an affordable price! From here on out,I will only be buying from you guys!  
    - TJ Wilson,
    Volunteer firefighter from Pottstown PA

  • STL Quad Pro, STL G4 and the STL K-Force 47 for my personal vehicle. They were very easy to install with minimum work, and Wow, are these lights great! They are super bright and really stand out. My vehicle really stands out now when they are on. I have been getting all sorts of inquiries from local police, fire and rescue about where to get them!
    - Douglas N Chernikoff

  • STL Quad Pro, for my Funeral escort vehicle, and this addition to my company vehicle is mind blowing! The intensity of the LEDs are by far the best out on the market. And your prices are GREAT. Thanks for this GREAT product. We look forward to doing more business with your company.
    - Paul Moralez

  • They (STL Grille Pro and STL Quad Pro) are incredibly bright. They where very easy to install which I like the most, also the price these are the best prices I have ever seen. If you go and try and buy from code 3 or Whelen you are going to pay almost double or triple what you will for STL and they are of the same quality and performance.
    - Jared Larson

  • But never before have I received such a great product as what I have since I found your web site.  Since then, I have discontinued using the other many sites I used to purchase from and have replaced all of my lighting needs with those offered by you.  The brightness and the attention grabbing power that these lights have displayed for me have completely sealed the deal for all of my future purchases.  So much feedback can be left by many people, but words will never ever be able to describe the quality and functionality of these lights.  One needs only to purchase these lights from you and to let the lights speak for themselves after they receive them.  Shipping is incredibly fast and convenient and great care is taken by you to make sure that right order is packaged and shipped accordingly.  Outstanding job!
    - Craig Nelson

  • Your products and delivery time are simply UNBELIEVALE! I have no idea how you got my STL Quad Pro lights to me so fast. I literally ordered them and within 48 hours they were delivered to our front door with just standard shipping cost. The lights are awesome. We cannot believe how bright they are and the quality is awesome! Thank you so much and you will be highly recommended. If anyone is thinking about buying this type of equipment, they would be making a huge mistake if they didn't do business with you. Thank you so much once again!
    - Jay Kolb

  • Even with the tint on the side windows the lights shine with no problem.  Even with the sun hitting the window directly the lights can still be seen from a couple of blocks away, and at night people have said they can see them from 1/2 a mile away.  I will be ordering more lights from you soon! Keep up the great work.
    - Andrew Caron

  • These things are so bright, they out shine all lights I have seen. People can't believe the price and how well they work. I am sure many people will be ordering them.
    -David A. Noble, Jr. Firefighter
    Board of Director

  • I didn't buy insurance for the item, but STL still took the item back and repaired it free of charge for me.  It's worked great ever since.  Great customer service, fast response to questions, fast shipping.  Overall, they are a great company, they will take care of your needs.
    - Adison J. Cayo 

  • You just don't find places like SpeedTech anymore. This light is really bright. Something like this would cost 500-700 dollars anywhere else. I will refer SpeedTech to any department.
    - Timothy Briglia

  • I can't say enough about the quality. It lights up the sky, and for half the price. I would have had to fork over for some of the "big" brands. Just a few hours ago, I had someone stop me at the supermarket to ask me about the lights in my car. I showed them how bright it was, and how it had multiple settings. He explained how his wife wouldn't allow him to put any lights atop the vehicle, and I told him that these would be perfect.
    - Derek

  • I have bought the STL K-Force 27", and I love it! Its extremely bright, easy to install and looks great. I'll be buying more products from this company in the future thanks.
    - Jesse Martinson

  • I ordered them and got them in 1 days. I have shown them to all the guys on the fire dept and the police dept and the response is incredible. I am sure to have your company more business from our departments. The weight of the lights are far less compared to other brands. The lights are extremely bright!!! I am considering becoming a dealer with your new dealer program. I will never use another brand of lights again. Thanks SpeedTechLights.  Your customer service is by far the best out there and the quality of the product is a real high A+. Thanks again for everything you do to keep us in the public service profession safe.
    - Lt. John Dubois Portageville
    Fire Department Portageville, Mo

  • A technician repaired the problem and sent them right back, now here's the kicker, from the time I packaged them up to the time my lights came back to me was 3 days, THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!!! You have won me 10 times over and I will buy all my lights from you with service like that.  I can't stop bragging how good your service is to my friends and encouraging them to buy their lights from you.  Thank you for your excellent service and I WILL be back.  
    - Erik Clark
    Bulverde Police Department

  • Your service and products are OUTSTANDING!  The customer service I recieved was second to none. My sales person was wonderful to work with.  I spent more time admiring the light than installing it.  Your website is great to, you guys blow Galls off the map!!! Keep up the great work.  When I become Chief of my department next year I know where my lighting supplies will be coming from.
    - Thomas D. Sarosi jr.

  • I just got the 27" half light bar and WOW!!!! I will always buy from yall.  
    - Clay Leonard Huffman TX.

  • I appreciate the ease of the return/repair/replacement system you have in place.  It makes things on the customer's end just that much easier.
    - Nathan Casper
    La Crosse, WI
    Town of Campbell First Responders

  • WOW, it looks great and is very bright. I have seen these lights that look very cheap (made by others),  but these look very professional and can be seen from a long distance. I will absolutely order more from SPEEDTECH LIGHTS. Keep up the great products and I will be a customer for life.
    - Brian C.

  • They actually put out more light and more attention grabbing Flash Patterns than the brand New LED Full Size bars on our Trucks (Bought from a competitor) .  I love the Flash Patterns on these lights, and they synced up perfectly on a single toggle switch I added. THEY MOVE TRAFFIC with ease and can been seen for more than a mile away (as told to me from a Highway Patrolman).  SpeedTech will have me as a life time Customer for all my lighting needs.
    - Joshua R Jenkins
    Philidelphia Volunteer Fire Rescue
    Philidelphia Tennessee

  • You have the greatest lights I have seen in a long time!! I have the Blazer mounted above the rearview mirror and the six series in the back window for the arrow stick. Real attention getters!! Moves traffic great!! Thanks again for outfitting my truck so well and so cheaply.
    - Captain Curtis Woten
    Wapello Co. Rural Fire

  • the STL 4 Grille lights and the STL Box Grille lights, and I could not believe how visible they are and how easy they were to install! The STL Box Grille lights are mounted to the push bar and are more visible than my corner strobes. These lights are awesome, and I recomend them over any other brand of lights on the market today.
    - Shannon Wathor
    Kay County Sheriff's Office

  • These are extremely bright and very well priced. Shipping was fast too. I will be ordering several more times.
    - Mike Singletary

  • It is the best one on the market, with a very fast hook up, and it really catches your eyes.
    - Mark Stroudt

  • with this all combined together, my Crown Victoria moves traffic VERY FAST! Speedtech Lights are very effective and brighter than all I have used, including Whelen. Thanks Speedtech Lights for the great lights and fast shipping!
    - L.Powell/Dunnville Police Dept.

  • For such a low price I wasn't sure at first of the results, but I was stunned by how bright they are. I am a volunteer firefighter, and these lights are very important for my safety while driving to a scene. I picked the right place. A fellow fireman said those lights must've cost around $400 or $500, but I said I got them for $180. SpeedTech Lights knows what the customers want and the price they like too. The products came so fast and work so well, I love them all!
    -Vincent Volunteer
    Firefighter, Illinois

  • Thank you, I will only buy from SpeedTechLights.com from now on, I recommend them to everyone.
    - Valdez

  • We have found your product very convincing to purchase again! We ordered the Traffic Directional bar D-470 on Tuesday at 6 p.m. and received it on Friday at 1:PM. We had the unit installed within three hours and that was onto the lower rack of my Chief's Vehicle, a 2006 Chevrolet 3500 Series Crewcab Dually (long cable run). Your bar provides superior light!! The intensity almost drowns out the Whelen 9000 on the top of the rack. Again, we feel have found the BEST VALUE in equipment lighting!! You really don't have to mortgage the farm to buy LED lights.
    - Jim Collom Chief,
    Holley Mountain Airpark Fire Department (HMAFD) - ISO Class 1

July 2015
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December 2011
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October 2011
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August 2011 
SpeedTech Lighs is moving and expanding and we have our customers to thank for it! SpeedTech Lights is now located at 218 Trademark Dr. Buda TX 78610.

July 2011
SpeedTech Lights will be attending the Fire House Expo in Baltimore, Maryland! Come visit our booth and checkout our famous STL show car to see the lights in action!

June 2011  
SpeedTech Lighs is proud to announce the launch of the new website

June 2011
SpeedTech Lights will be attending the Police Security Expo in Atalnatic City, New Jersey on June 21st and 22nd at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Come visit us at booth 935.

January 2011
Check out the 1/10 edition of the FireRescue1 eNewsletter featuring the STL K-Force Series lightbars sent out to over 130,000 followers: http://www.firerescue1.com/newsletters/FireRescue1-Member-News-Volume531%20/

December 2010
Check out the e-Blast sent out to 32,000 plus PoliceOne followers featuring the STL Apex and STL Aries: http://www.policeone.com/law-enforcement-newsletter/SpeedTech-Lights-blast-12-28-10.

Spetember 2010
The STL Apex was featured in the "Product Spotlight" article in the September 2010 edition of Law Officer magazine. Please follow the link at: http://www.lawofficer.com/gallery/september-2010-product-spotlig.

August 2010
SpeedTech Lights was featured as an insertion in the 9/8 edition of the PoliceOne Newsletter. Please follow the link at: http://www.policeone.com/law-enforcement-newsletter/Week-506-September-08-2010

June 2010
SpeedTech Lights invites you to join us on Facebook. Be the first to receive notification of special offers, discount codes, 8 hour customer service promotions and more!

May 2010  
SpeedTech Lights is proud to announce a spotlight on the STL K-Force Series prominently featured at EMS1.com:

SpeedTech Lights launches the new STL SLEEK series, a full line of products featuring LINEAR Optics to further exceed our customers' expectations. For those looking for innovation and compatibility in siren systems, we have introduced the STL APEX- a siren unit that combines unique design, and the ability to operate multiple light units and siren all- in-one.

April 2010
SpeedTech Lights is listening to our customers needs by extending our STL Slim and Pro lines to offer Flash versions. This feature allows customers greater flexibility in incorporating the STL product line into existing lighting setups.

March 2010
SpeedTech Lights extends the benefits of our partnership with Havis Inc. to offer consoles and productivity solutions.

February 2010
SpeedTech Lights introduces the new STL Vireo, a siren unit that combines 4 auxiliary lighting outputs and all the siren tones you need, into a compact, hand-held device fitting in the palm of your hand! We look forward to making your emergency response that much easier.

January 2010

SpeedTech Lights wishes all its hard working customers a very happy New Year! We would not be here without the continued support of our valued customers. Only 5 years ago SpeedTech Lights launched with a vision of providing lighting equipment at an affordable price, paired with quality that makes each customer say "WOW!" the first time an STL bar is powered up. Our New Year's resolution is to continue to provide our customers with a new alternative in lighting that is brighter, smarter, more cost effective, and, not-to-mention, immediate shipping! For years first responders have been inundated with all types of slogans, mottos, and mantras. At STL, we KNOW that we are able to meet, if not EXCEED, the level of expectation set by the emergency lighting industry.

Thank you STL fans and customers for making it possible for SpeedTech Lights to change the way you see and purchase your lighting equipment. We look forward to being your reliable source for the years to come.

December 2009
SpeedTech Lights is always on the move, and we are excited to end the year by changing the lights from stop to GO! SpeedTech Lights has partnered with Global Traffic Technologies to offer Opticom Emitters! Not only are the Opticom Emitters made in America and offered at a price that can't be beat, they will be exclusive to police, fire, and city contractors!

August 2009
SpeedTech Lights will be present at the International Association of Fire Chiefs in its hometown Dallas, Texas. We hope to see you there!

July 2009  
SpeedTech Lights will be attending the Firehouse Expo in Baltimore, Maryland. Be on the Lookout for famous STL fire-themed show car! It's guaranteed to clear traffic in a way you haven't seen before!

June 2009
SpeedTech Lights has registered and plans to attend their first trade show at the Police Security Expo in Atlantic City! Look for our name on the roster and make sure to visit our booth and hop into STL's police show car!

May 2009  
SpeedTech Lights unveils the release of its new web site and new product videos along with the release of the new visor-mount light, the STL Eclipse. Built for officer safety, the STL Eclipse functions to brighten the officer's field of vision and obscure the suspect's rear vision. The STL Eclipse does so with the use of 12 vivid 3-watt take down LEDs and 48, 1-watt LEDs. The power of the STL Eclipse is unprecedented in the market and serves to eliminate the need for roof-mounted lightbars and/or facilitating inconspicuousness for unmarked vehicles.

April 2009
SpeedTech Lights introduces a Havis console bracket for all our new STL switch boxes.

December 2008  
SpeedTech Lights launches our newly designed K-Force series. We are very excited to show case our new patent pending STL K-Force series.

SpeedTech Lights will begin posting frequent press releases for your convenience. Stay tuned!