Create a Bundle

How it works
  1. Begin by selecting a bundle to customize based on the product categories you wish to fulfill when creating a package. Bundle discounts vary based on bundle level.
  2. Select products by clicking "Add" on the product you wish to add to your bundle and select your attributes from the attribute pop up then click "Add" to add the product to your bundle.
  3. Select the minimum required number of product(s) from each category in the bundle to fulfill each categories minimum requirements. (You may select more than the minimum required in each category). The minimum requirement is located in the category tab in parenthesis next to the category title. Ex. Deck/Dash/Visor (0/2)
  4. Once you have fulfilled the minimum requirements for all product categories in the bundle, the "Add to Cart" button will turn green meaning it is activated and you may Add the customized bundle to your cart for check out. (You will not be able to click "Add to Cart" until all categories minimum requirements are fulfilled).
  5. You may view your package summary by clicking the scrolling "Package Summary" tab on the left. (You can remove products from your package via the package summary).
  6. Once you are ready, click "Add to Cart" and your customized bundle will be ready for checkout.

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