K-Force TIR 75 Full Size LED Light Bar SKU: F-TKF71

  • SAE Certification No. 201094
  • RoHS Certification No. ENC171106GZ19
  • U.S. Patent No. D835535, D835565, D797360
(136) 3w MaxGen LEDs
  • $999.99
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    5 Year Warranty*

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    60 Day Return Policy*

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    Eclipse Optic Technology

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About The K-Force® TIR 75 Full Size LED Light Bar

The K-Force 75 TIR Full Size LED Light Bar is the longest emergency vehicle light bar available at SpeedTech Lights. Ideal for large vehicles like fire trucks, ems / ambulance lighting, large construction rigs, or any other extended cab application, the K-Force 75 is both powerful and affordable.
Built with a rugged, yet sleek polycarbonate housing, the K-Force 75 has been tested and certified to withstand the harshest road conditions. Backed by a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee, 5 Year Warranty, and an 100,000 hour lifespan, this emergency light bar is designed to work just as hard as the people operating inside of the cab.
Contained inside its secure, waterproof housing are 136 intensely bright 3-watt MaxGen LEDs. With power driven through individually magnified TIR Optics, the resulting beam of light can be seen for miles – making it the perfect way to keep operators safe in any roadside emergency situation or industry specific task.
Optional Upgrade Descriptions:

TD/Alley Option:
---Standard Clear = Clear in warning mode and when activated.
---Dual Color = Color ordered in warning mode / Clear when TDs and alleys activated.

Traffic Advisor Option:
---Standard Amber = Amber in warning mode and when activated.
---MultiColor = Color ordered in warning mode / Amber when traffic advisor activated.

  • Powered by 12V
  • SAE J845 Certified
  • Patented LED Eclipse Optic Technology - Linear Optics
  • 136 total 3-watt MaxGen LEDs
  • 33 available flash patterns
  • LED take-down and alley lights
  • Built in amber arrow stick
  • Upgradable multicolor traffic advisor functionality
  • Arrow stick directions: right, left, center out
  • Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern
  • Lifespan of up to 100,000 hours
  • Optional Supreme Control Box sold separately
  • 12' of cable from light bar to connector
  • 12.5' of power cable from connector
  • 12.5' of auxiliary cable from connector
  • Multiple vehicle specific gutter bracket options sold separately
  • Max 23.8 Amp draw

*See Terms and Conditions

What's included

  • K-Force 75 TIR Full Size Light Bar
  • 12' of Cable from Light Bar to Connector
  • 12.5' of Power Cable from Connector
  • 12.5' of Auxiliary Cable from Connector
  • Adjustable Light Bar Feet Attached
  • Universal Gutter Brackets (unless different mounting option is selected in drop-down)
  • Supreme Control Box
  • HandHeld Supreme Control Box
  • 10' Extension Cable
  • Variety of Mounting Options
  • Havis Console Bracket*
  • Colored Aluminum Top Cover Options
*HAVIS Console Bracket Description: This is only intended if you have a HAVIS brand console in your vehicle and if you are purchasing the STL control box for this unit. This is a laser cut out mounting plate specifically for the STL control box that mounts to a HAVIS center console only.

Mounting options




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