10 PACK Z-180TIR LED Surface Mounts SKU: G-TZ180P10

  • SAE Certification No. 160349
  • RoHS Certification No. ENC171106GZ18
  • U.S. Patent No. D745718, D797326
(6) 3w MaxGen LEDs
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    5 Year Warranty*

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    Eclipse Optic Technology

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About The (10 Pack) of Z-180® TIR LED Surface Mounts

Like the rest of the Z Series, our new patented Z-180 TIR LED Surface Mount can be purchased in cost effective packs of 10. With its curved, weather proof casing, and functional 180 degree light spread, the Z-180 can be configured for a variety of purposes.
Loaded with our newest MaxGen Eclipse optics, each unit emits a powerful 18 watt beam perfect for ground lighting, warning lighting, and emergency flasher applications. With our proprietary Eclipse TIR Optic Technology and rigorous vibration, durability, and brightness testing – you can be confident that the Z-180 TIR LED Surface mount will meet and exceed your expectations. 
Complete with a 7-day money back guarantee and full 5-year warranty, the Z-180 10 pack is a powerful customization option only available at SpeedTech Lights.
  • *10 Pack* of Z-180 TIR LED Surface Mounts
  • While Supplies Last
  • Powered by 12V
  • Z Series: SAE J595 Class 1 Certified
  • Patented LED EclipseOptic Technology - TIR Optics
  • 6 MaxGenTIR 3-watt LEDs
  • 20 available flash patterns
  • Built in sync functionality
  • Non-volatile memory recalls last flash pattern
  • Lifespan of up to 100,000 hours
  • Includes 1 foot of cable
  • Weather-proof housing
  • 0.47 Amp draw

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